About Us


Why RTC? We are open to members 24/7, 365 days a year. Never worry about your crazy life schedule and the limited gym schedule interfering again! You can plan your workout times around your job, your family, and your daily life demands. We have the best functional training equipment available on the market. Whatever you need, we have you covered.

At RTC we believe the training season never ends. Developing explosive power, speed, and strength among athletes requires continuous, monitored attention.

We offer personal training, athlete training, strength and conditioning programming, specialty coaching, and nutrition coaching. We also have general functional fitness classes for kids, teens, and masters in addition to weekly bootcamp classes.

Our training programs are sport specific/individualized, all inclusive, and developed to train all 10 General Physical Skills: Strength, Cardiorespiratory endurance, Stamina, Speed, Power, Coordination, Balance, Agility, Accuracy, and Flexibility.

Our coaches and trainers are current or former athletes and have extensive teaching experience. We are the only gym in North Canton with CERTIFIED & EXPERIENCED trainers for specialty populations (kids, teens, & masters).