HOW TO GET BACK IN THE ROUTINE AFTER TIME OFF Comeback stories make the most inspirational, memorable, stories. And the truth is that most great success stories have painful, sometimes even tragic failure, prior to being the awesome stories of triumph that inspire the masses. Maybe you have heard that Michael Jordan started his career in high school as a 5’10’ freshman who was cut from the team. Or that Bill Gate’s first attempt in the technology business never even […]

Calories vs. Macros Basics

At some point in your life, you’ve tried counting your calories, right? If not, I imagine you’re among the .01%. 😜 What I mean by “counting calories” is having a set number of calories you aim to eat each day.  With the calories in calories out equation, you’ll eat fewer calories than you burn to lose weight and more calories than you burn to gain.  The problem with this system is that it doesn’t take into account where those calories […]

When to Gear Up

To use gear or not to gear? That is the question. THE EARLY DAYS In the early days of CrossFit, there were no nike metcons, no reebok nano’s, no romaleo weightlifters, knee sleeves… you get the picture. People wore Asics and New Balance Minimus shoes (I still have mine), there was no market for gear. As the sport grew so did the industry for workout gear. Now, it is hard to imagine training without our favorite knee sleeves, belt, wrist […]

Stress & Food

The intense over-stimulation of our fear response during this Covid-19 pandemic has us all on heightened alert.  It’s elevated not only our anxiety, but our emotional response overall.  Small conflicts seem much larger now.  Normal relationship tension has become intolerable.  Minor business problems and operational stresses feel like logistical and economic nightmares.   What do we do with all the extra anxiety, stress, and worry?  If you’re like most Americans you turn to food, food, and more food for comfort, with little […]

What Makes The Workout Work?

When I first started CrossFit back in 2011, I thought I HAD to do the workouts as written on the whiteboard, so much so that most times I did things that I probably wasn’t ready for, and I skipped ahead in a lot of the movements. I took for granted my athletic background and quick learning skills, buuuut, in hindsight I wish I had started out a lot slower. Although, at the same time, my experiences have helped me become […]

How To Get That STINK Out of Gym Clothes

We need to talk about something that may be a little embarrassing for some, but is very common for many. A lot of you know what I’m talking about… Not all of you, but many… That smell… That STANK in our gym clothes that makes us gag! It’s like a team of teenage boys used your t-shirt to wipe their sweaty armpits after playing on a hot summer day. Uuuuugh! Okay, so how do we get rid of that stench?! […]

Strict before Kipping

We preach “strict before kipping” a lot, but I thought you should hear it from the FATHER of CrossFit himself… Greg Glassman Says Strict Pull-Ups Should Come Before Kipping Posted by The WOD Life on January 29, 2019 If you start a conversation about functional fitness, one specific debate is almost certain to happen: kipping pull-ups. Are they real pull-ups? Many disagree on the answer. Are they dangerous for shoulder health? Are there even any benefits to your fitness? The […]

20.5 Recap & Review + Final Standings

Week 5 Recap & Review  Top 3 RX Women: Coach Lauren, Coach Allie, Jenny DobreaTop 3 RX Men: Coach George, Chris Reynolds, Jon Miller Top 3 SCALE Women: Paula Harmon, Sara Dye, Stephanie Margaritakis Top 3 SCALE Men: Brent Gill, Erik Antibus, Scott Miller Week 5 of the Open delivered the movements we knew were coming in a completely unprecedented way; wall balls, rowing, and ring muscle ups- BUT for the first time ever, Mr. Castro allowed athletes to partition the work […]

20.4 Recap & Review

Week 4 Recap & Review  Top 3 RX Women: Coach Allie, Jenny Dobrea, Andrea Harris Top 3 RX Men: Jon Miller, Coach George, Chris Reynolds Top 3 SCALE Women: Sara Dye, Amy Antibus, Amber Osmar Top 3 SCALE Men: Scott Miller, Joey Salser, Brent Gill Week 4 of the Open surprised us all with the introduction of the pistol for the FIRST time ever in the Open. It also featured the heaviest clean and jerk weight ever programmed in the […]