RTC60 – 60 minute group classes produce results by effectively combining lifting, gymnastics, and conditioning. Training sessions are high intensity and will focus on proper execution of all movements. To maximize results we suggest training 3 days in a row, followed by one day of rest. This ensures proper programming, progression, and recovery. Prep course required. 

RTC45 – 45 minute classes that incorporate traditional power lifts and high energy workouts, utilizing functional body weight movements and light to moderate loads. No prep course required. TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID-19.

YOGA – 45 minute vinyasa (flowing movements/poses) yoga with an emphasis on breath-work and mobility. 

OPEN GYM – Come in on your own time and work on various skills, techniques or your own workout. A coach is always available to offer help and address any questions you might have. 

PARTNER WOD (workout of the day) – open to EVERYONE and always FREE. Great opportunity to try out a class, bring a friend, or meet someone new all while getting a great workout that is led by a qualified instructor. TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID-19.