Week 2 Recap

Top 3 RX Women: Coach Allie, Andrea Harris, Coach Lauren
Top 3 RX Men: Coach George, Jon Miller, Chris Reynolds
Top 3 SCALE Women: Paula Harmon, Amy Antibus, Stephanie Margaritakas
Top 3 SCALE Men: Erik Antibus, Scott Miller, Brent Gill

Now we won’t say that we nailed our week 2 prediction, but we could have done worse. We had 1 of the 3 movements that came out, so we have that going for us! We saw another long pacing workout, with 20 minutes of dumbbell thrusters, toes to bar, and double unders. 

Once again, we had some AWESOME performances this week, with some notable ones listed below:

  • Paula Harmon & Stephanie Margaritikis continue to make their presence known in the scaled division, as they secure a 2nd straight week on the leaderboard. 
  • With her unbreakable demeanor and immeasurable endurance, the consistent Andrea Harris makes her showing on the Women’s RX board again this week.
  • The Gritty Performances of the Week go to Erik Antibus who made his way to the top of the men’s scaled division after only 1 month of CrossFit and wife, Amy Antibus, who busted onto the scene in the ladies scaled devision leaderboard in week 2, earning valuable points for their team, THE A TEAM. 
  • We can’t say enough about our RX men, with Jon Miller smiling his way through much of the 20 minutes (see photo evidence). 

Other Notables:

  • Erin King got a new skill with her first time doing toes to bar in a workout!
  • Paula Harmon increased her score over 200 reps in her redo attempt! It seems a new strategy really worked out. 

Team Recap

  1. Team A TEAM: 37 pts
  2. Team GHSTBUSTERS: 35 pts 
  3. Team POWER RANGERS: 26 pts

Overall Standings after 2 Weeks:
1. Ghostbusters: 78 pts
2. A-Team: 73 pts
3. Power Rangers: 62 pts
4. Ninja Turtles: 57 pts

  • The A TEAM talked a big game last week and they certainly backed it up, bringing their A’est game for week 2! They ran away with this week’s best team spirit award and nearly took best dressed, but fell a little short to TEAM GHOSTBUSTERS who had all members participate in the theme. Better luck next week A TEAM. 
  • GHOSTBUSTERS ran AWAY with the best dressed team award for a second straight week, with EVERY team member participating in the CROPS & SOCKS THEME
  • TEAM POWER RANGERS and TEAM NINJA TURTLES both had strong showings, with 5 athletes on our top leaderboards scattered among almost all divisions! However, if the Power Rangers or Ninja Turtles want to make a comeback in the overall standings, they’ll need all hands on deck, given the strong showings from the other teams…

What to expect this week:

As with every open, to guess what’s coming next is like trying to predict the weather in our great State. However, we can guarantee that the carnage will continue, and the skills will become more advanced, and the scaled division will be absolutely CUT THROAT. Be sure to tune into games.crossfit.com at 8PM or to Wodify at 8:15ish to see what’s in store for this upcoming Friday. Just like every weatherman/woman in town, we will make a predication: Handstands, box jumps, and lunges. And just like every weatherman/woman in town, we will be wrong. See you guys on Friday!

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