20.3 Weekly Recap & Review

Week 3 Recap & Review 

Top 3 RX Women: Andrea Harris, Coach Lauren, Jenny Dobrea
Top 3 RX Men: Coach George, Jon Miller, Chris Reynolds
Top 3 SCALE Women: Paula Harmon, Kathy Darmstadt, Amy Antibus
Top 3 SCALE Men: Joey Salser, Scott Miller, Brent Gill

Week 3 Recap:

Well, I guess we knew a repeat was coming…but holy heavy weight Batman! Athletes were thrown upside-down with this workout release (literally hehe) with the return of 18.4: deadlifts & handstand push-ups then heavier deadlifts & handstand walking! While many athletes around the world angrily berated their parents for taking them out of toddler gymnastics when they were 4 years old because there wasn’t a ball involved in said “sport” and wouldn’t stop pouting during class (this is not a personal story whatsoever), our athletes attacked this workout with intention, heart, and determination!

We had some surprises and some AWESOME performances this week, with some notable ones listed below:

  • Paula Harmon continues to make her presence known in the scaled division, defending her top spot on the ladies scaled leaderboard again in Week 3. 
  • The scaled men’s leaderboard saw a new face this week, with the strong and long, Joey Salser, taking the lead and putting on a barbell clinic during FNL.
  • The Gritty Performance of the Week goes to Jenny Dobrea who made her way onto the women’s RX leaderboard this week with 18 deadlift reps at 205 pounds despite having previously herniated 2 discs resulting in serious back trauma PTSD. 
  • Scott Miller continues his consistency streak with a third consecutive week in the top 3 on the scaled men’s leaderboard. Can he go 5 for 5? We think so!

Other Notables:

  • Erin King got a new skill AGAIN this week with her first RX HSPU
  • Coach George, Chris, Andrea, Jenny, & Erin all improved their scores from 2018 – proving they have indeed increased their fitness and skills over the last 18 months. 
  • And Michelle Parker logged an RX score on the Games leaderboard this year, after logging a scaled score in 2018. Kudos to you lady.

Team Recap

  1. Team A TEAM & POWER RANGERS: tied at 30 pts
  2. Team GHOSTBUSTERS: 22 pts 
  3. Team POWER RANGERS: 20 pts

Overall Standings after 3 Weeks:
1. A-Team: 103 pts
2. Ghostbusters: 100 pts
3. Power Rangers: 92 pts
4. Ninja Turtles: 77 pts

  • Missing Coach Allie last week left Team GHOSTBUSTERS with their worst week so far. They did have 4 leaderboard athletes, but it wasn’t enough. The weaker showing closed the gap and opened the door for A Team to get an easy shot at the crown with only 2 weeks left. Can they get it together this week and regain the lead? Or will they be at the receiving end of the shit talk until the next open in October…
  • The A TEAM came to play AGAIN this week – moving ahead of TEAM GHOSTBUSTERS on the overall leaderboard after theyran away with this week’s best team spirit award for the second straight week with enormous participation at FNL – their presence was known!
  • Team POWER RANGERS took the big win on best dressed this week with a clutch homemade tie dye showing by team member, Brent Gill, who even had his girls dressed for the week’s theme

What to expect this week:

As with every open, to guess what’s coming next is like trying to predict the weather in our great State. However, we can guarantee that the carnage will continue, and the skills will become more advanced, and the scaled division will be absolutely CUT THROAT. Be sure to tune into games.crossfit.com at 8PM or to Wodify at 8:15ish to see what’s in store for this upcoming Friday. Just like every weatherman/woman in town, we will make a predication: Muscle Ups, box jumps, and wall balls. And just like every weatherman/woman in town, we will be wrong. See you guys on Friday!