20.5 Recap & Review + Final Standings

Week 5 Recap & Review 

Top 3 RX Women: Coach Lauren, Coach Allie, Jenny Dobrea
Top 3 RX Men: Coach George, Chris Reynolds, Jon Miller 
Top 3 SCALE Women: Paula Harmon, Sara Dye, Stephanie Margaritakis 
Top 3 SCALE Men: Brent Gill, Erik Antibus, Scott Miller

Week 5 of the Open delivered the movements we knew were coming in a completely unprecedented way; wall balls, rowing, and ring muscle ups- BUT for the first time ever, Mr. Castro allowed athletes to partition the work anyway, making 20.5 a massive strategy test. 

We saw some unique ideas and tons of exciting performances during our last FNL:

  • Coach George finished the entire workout in a flash, then repeated to finish more than 2 minutes faster, clinching a top 100 finish in the State of Ohio.
  • RTC body doc, Andrea Harris, flew through the walls balls and rowing then soared to the top of the rings, sealing a tip 100 finish in the State as well.
  • Paula Harmon finished the workout in lightning fast time, securing her the NUMBER ONE spot in the scaled Ohio division! 

Other Notables:

  • Amy Antibus achieved her first RX chin over the bar pull-up without any assistance. Congrats Amy!
  • Power rangers and A-team both racked up 21 points just for FULL team participation in FNL!

Team Recap

  1. Team POWER RANGERS: 40 pts 
  2. Team GHSTBUSTERS & Team A TEAM: tied with 31 pts each
  3. Team NINJA TURTLES: 22 pts
  • Week 5 Best Dressed Team Award goes to TEAM POWER RANGERS
  • Week 5 Best Spirit Team Award goes to TEAM GHOSTBUSTERS

Overall Standings after 5 Weeks:

  1. A-Team: 171 pts 
  2. Ghostbusters: 170 pts
  3. Power Rangers: 162 pts
  4. Ninja Turtles: 124 pts

What a race to the end!!!! A-Team takes the overall 2020 Intramural Open victory over Ghostbusters by 1 precious point!!! Congratulations A-Team and everyone that participated in our first intramural Open!!