7 Benefits Of Farmer’s Walks

The farmer’s walk is about as simple as an exercise/movement can get. That being said, the benefits of this movement are anything but simple.

  1. Strengthen Grip

The ability to grip, pull, and hold anything in your hands is key to strength movements such as the deadlift. By increasing grip strength, people can often grip and rip heavier barbells and objects while maintaining proper technique and control. Increased grip strength will also drastically improve all things pull ups, toes to bar, etc. 

  1. Gain Muscle Mass and Hypertrophy

Increasing the time spent under load (with controlled tension) can increase systemic hypertrophy and hormonal output. The ability to load for prolonged periods of time (also with heavy weights) can impact one’s ability to gain lean mass and strength.

  1. Increase Postural Strength and Control

Loaded carries train the deeper tissues around the spine, which enhances movement patterning, postural strength and control in movements like squats, presses, and deadlifts. 

  1. Enhance Core Stabilization and Bracing

If you have ever done heavy farmer’s walks you will quickly notice how challenging they can be to your spinal stabilizers. The ability to resist spinal rotation, flexion, and extension is key to injury prevention and force production, leaving the farmer’s walk a great way to challenge the body in an open environment that can have high transferability to real life and more fixed situations (squats, deadlifts, pressing, etc).

  1. Develop Athleticism

Improved movement under load, enhanced balance and coordination, and the mental grit and focus needed to maneuver with carrying dense objects can really impact sports such as functional fitness, strongman, American football, tactical training, etc. Often, strength and power athletes become VERY sagittal in their movements, and farmer’s walks are a great way to add non-linear movement (walk in circles, around cones, etc) to help keep the brain and motor units sharp.

  1. Improved Work Capacity

Movements like sled training, weighted walking, Yoke carries, and farmer’s walks are all amazing ways to improve muscular and mental endurance without sacrificing your hard earned muscle and strength. Farmer’s walks can be done with light to moderate loads for prolonged periods of time, or heavier and shorter. Each can be used to increase muscular performance and work capacity for strength, power, and fitness athletes. 

  1. Maximize Pulling Strength

The stronger your hands, forearms, and back is during deadlifts and other pulling movements, the better. Farmer’s walks are a great way to add additional pulling volume into training sessions to add quality muscle mass, improve grip strength, and enhance overall pulling abilities for lifters of all levels.

In summary…Farmer’s Carries = Time to Get Strong!