Clocking Time With…Anthony & Kenzie Szczepaniak

Let’s face it…everyone at RTC is nice.  It’s right there in the mission statement, so it’s pretty much expected behavior once you enter the gym.  But there are some people who exceed the typical level of niceness that you’d expect from a fellow member.  Have you ever seen Anthony Szczepaniak in a bad mood?  Have you ever passed Kenzie Szczepaniak and not been given a friendly greeting and asked a sincere “How are you today?”  And niceness aside, this beautifully matched couple is living proof that good coaching, hard work, and consistency pay off, as their transformation since they joined RTC has been nothing short of astounding.  Anthony and Kenzie have been named the April Members of the Month, a recognition they fully deserve.

The Szczepaniaks joined RTC in July of 2020 at the invitation of fellow member Sam L., a neighbor and friend.  Both Anthony and Kenzie both knew they “needed and wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle,” but they had “just not taken that leap yet.”  Neither had made fitness a priority in their lives, despite brief stints at other gyms, but their time at RTC has changed all of that.  Both credit the coaching staff and the supportive RTC community for a transformation that adds up to 80lbs lost and strength, endurance, and speed gained.  “No gym compares to RTC,” says Kenzie.  “It is top notch in coaching, equipment, and cleanliness. The coaches truly care about your health.  People are genuinely welcoming and know you by name.  Everybody is very supportive.”  Anthony adds, “The people here make me want to keep coming back!”

In addition to the coaching and the community, both Kenzie and Anthony have found much to love about the workouts at RTC.  Kenzie loves “the flow of CrossFit.”  “I need someone telling me what workout to do,” she says, “and I need the motivation of other people taking a class with me.”  Anthony finds CrossFit to be “mentally and physically challenging,” and appreciates that the workouts are “constantly varied.” While both have made huge strides in their fitness journey, they each want to continue crushing new goals.  Anthony lists mastering double unders and muscle-ups as short term goals, and wants to eventually RX every workout, while Kenzie wants to compete at the RX level at next year’s Open and continue improving her body composition numbers.  She also lists a 215lb deadlift and pull-ups as skills she is working on.  Both acknowledge that patience and consistency are keys to successfully reaching any goals they set for themselves.

Anthony and Kenzie also appreciate RTC’s family friendly atmosphere, and the special place that kids hold in the hearts of RTC’s coaches and members.  Kenzie loves the convenience of having daughter Nora so close during a workout, and says, “ I love our kids area!  All she has to do is yell for me!”  More importantly, though, the Szczepaniaks love the values being instilled in their daughter, and the positive role models she witnesses and the fun she has with every visit.  “Fitness and health were never focused on in my life as a child, so I want to change that for my family,” says Kenzie.  “I love that my daughter comes here and sees people (especially women and mothers) enjoying fitness. I want her to know that fitness is fun! I want her to know that girls can be strong! She has so many role models here at RTC. She loves the attention she always gets from Steph Marg and coaches Jenny and Jeanine. To know that your child is loved by others is a special feeling.”

Anthony, who graduated from Glenoak H.S. and Kent State University, works at Goodyear as a national account fleet manager, responsible for managing large fleets such as Amazon and Enterprise.  Kenzie graduated from Hoover H.S. and works as an LPN in long term care.  She is currently training as a pediatric home care nurse. The Sczcepaniaks met in 2008, married in 2014, briefly lived in Indianapolis in 2015 before moving to Houston, TX, then returned to OH when Anthony’s job brought them back in 2019.  They adopted daughter Nora at birth in 2016 after many years of pregnancy loss and unexplained infertility.  Their dogs Hazy and Coco are also important members of the family!

Anthony, who by the way “knows 100% of the Frozen songs,” describes himself as “optimistic, hilarious, thiccc, and sexy,” (Yes, those were his words…but is anyone surprised by that??) and enjoys cooking and golfing, while Kenzie, a self-described spiritual and inquisitive person with a zest for life, enjoys crossword puzzles and being outdoors.  Kenzie also says, “We love trying new craft beers!  We enjoy exploring that scene together.”  Both want to continue traveling, and hope to someday buy a plot of land on which to build their dream home.  They also want to add another pup to their family in the near future.

Anthony and Kenzie Sczcepaniak exude positivity and goodwill, and always take the extra time to share a joke and a laugh, a compliment followed by a fist bump, or a simple hello that comes from a sincere heart. Their physical transformations reflect a  work ethic and a level of dedication that is beyond compare. Both individually and together, they represent all that is good about RTC.  Congratulations to the Sczcepaniaks, the April Members of the Month!