Clocking Time With…Hillary Buckler

September’s Member of the Month Hillary Buckler has worn many hats.  She’s been a server, a dental assistant, a stagehand, and a dispatcher.  She spent many years as a service writer at Volvo.  “I’m sure there are a few other things,” she says.  “I’m still trying to find my place in this world.”  Like many of us, Hillary is figuring things out as she goes, but one hat that fits her especially well is her “fitness hat.”  In the two years that she’s been a member of RTC, her strength and endurance have grown in leaps and bounds.

Hillary came to RTC at the urging of members Steph M. and Charissa V.  Hillary and her wife Heather, who are regular diners at Sparta Steak House, got to know them because they were frequently served by these two lovely ladies. “Steph and Charissa encouraged me for about a year,” says Hillary, “and I finally decided to do it.”  At the time, Hillary didn’t even know what “it” was, and tells the story that when asked by Coach Allie why she chose CrossFit, she responded, “Oh!  Is that what I’m doing?”  She’s surely come a long way since that day!

 Hillary played softball in high school, and then took some classes at the YMCA, but prior to coming to RTC, she admits that she “wasn’t working on [her] fitness and health.”  And like many of us, Hillary admits that she also struggles to maintain “routine and structure” in her life.  RTC has helped her take control in all of these areas.  “RTC takes care of the routine for me.  I don’t have to overthink it.  I just show up and the workout is programmed for me!  Also, I feel more confident every day.  I know that being here helps me to become a better version of myself.  It is about so much more than just my physical health!  I will never stop doing CrossFit.  Where I’m at now was a goal I had 2 years ago.  I can only keep going and see where I end up.”  She adds, “I just want to be healthy and strong, and being part of RTC is making that possible.”

HIllary currently works at DP Jackson Steak, Chop and Seafood House.  She has an associate degree in Massotherapy, and as mentioned above, has worked in a variety of different fields.  She is intent on finding what she calls “something that sticks” that makes her happy.  Hillary lives with Heather, her wife of 2 years, son Owyn, 18, and their 2 puppies, Fonzi and Nutterbutter.  She loves to read, hike, camp, and listen to music, and if all of these things are combined into one event, then that is her self-described “jam!”  Hillary’s also thinking about going back to school, but is not sure what she’d like to study.  “I just know I’m ready for a new adventure!” she says.

Wherever her adventures take her, and whatever hat she is wearing, Hillary is sure to make friends, as she is a kind and compassionate free-spirited person who knows how to listen well and encourage others to be their best.  Congratulations to Hillary Buckler, the September Member of the Month!