Clocking Time With…Megan Geis

For someone who describes herself as “never really a gym kind of girl,” Megan Geis sure seems to know her way around one.  Megan will be celebrating her 2 year RTC anniversary this fall, and is also being honored this month as a member of the 300 WOD Club.  She’s beautiful (have you ever seen a more dazzling smile??), strong, and supportive, and friends can’t say enough about her caring and carefree personality. 

Megan, a former Glenoak basketball, softball, and track athlete, quickly felt at home when friends Carrie C. and Jessica C. introduced her to RTC.  Sports were an important part of her life growing up, as her dad coached basketball for 39 years.  Megan remembers going to practices and games with him when she was a little girl, and started playing herself when she was 7. “My parents were always very supportive and attended all my sports events,” she says.  “I definitely grew up with sports in my blood.” 

It’s no surprise, then, that Megan took to CrossFit quickly, thanks to the stellar RTC coaching staff and the positive environment.  “RTC is the very first CrossFit gym I have ever been to!” she says.  “I had never picked up a barbell, kettlebell, or wall ball in my life!  But with such a great, positive environment at RTC, I quickly got hooked into going 3 days a week, and I love everything about it!  The coaches are amazing at what they do and have helped me come so far.  The members are so nice and motivating and I have met some pretty awesome peeps.  CrossFit really pushes me and I love the new challenges in every workout.  It is now my sport and I love it!”

Megan is also happy with the results that have come with her committed attitude and consistent training.  “RTC has helped me get back to feeling happy with myself and my body.  I’m in better shape now than I was when I played high school sports!  I know my hard work is paying off.”

Outside of the gym, Megan works “behind the chair” at Shades Salon Studio, owned by her friend and fellow RTC member Carrie C.  Carrie has known Megan since she was 13, as Megan was one of her clients when she first started doing hair.  “She is a great hairdresser and loves to make her clients laugh and have a good time in the shop,” says Carrie. “I love that it has come full circle for us…me watching her grow up and now working together!”  And it’s clear that connecting with her clients is important to Megan, who says, “I just fell in love with doing hair and helping people feel good about themselves.  I love my job and absolutely adore the awesome gals I work with!  We’re such a great team and have so much fun together.”

Megan and her husband Jimmy will celebrate their 3rd wedding anniversary this month.  They met at a 4th of July party 10 years ago, and he popped the question 6 years later on their summer beach vacation.  They have 2 rescue “fur babies” named Blackjack, 7 years old,  and Rocco, 1 ½ years old.   Megan says, “I love our little family.  I wouldn’t change a thing.” (And Carrie reports that she has “never seen Megan happier than with her husband Jimmy and their 2 doggos!”) 

Megan describes herself as a “very caring person” who “loves to help family, friends, animals, and people” whenever she gets the chance.  “I’m all about loyalty and treating people the way I would like to be treated,” she says.  Carrie confirms these qualities, describing Megan as “a person who will have your back and be there for you.”  Carrie adds, “She is one tough cookie with a heart of gold.”  

This “heart of gold” does not go unnoticed by other RTC members, who describe Megan as “cheerful,” “happy,” “bubbly,” and “a ray of sunshine.”  Many love working out next to her because she’s always laughing and full of encouragement.  “I’m definitely a determined gal, and I like being silly and letting loose sometimes,” says Megan.  “Life’s too short, so live it up and do what makes you happy!”  Thanks to Megan for bringing so much joy to our gym, and congratulations on being named RTC’s latest Member of the Month!