Clocking Time With…Steph & Jon Miller

“THE MILLERS ARE IN THE HOUSE!! LET’S MAKE SOME NOISE!!”  Imagine a booming voice shouting those words over a loudspeaker.  Pumping beats reverberate against the walls.  Flashing lights circle the rig.  The spotlight shines on them as Jon, Steph, and their kiddo crew enter the gym.  They smile and offer high fives as they make their way through the crowd…

Admittedly, that scene is a bit dramatic.  OK, maybe more than a bit.  But when February Members of the Month Steph and Jon Miller enter the room, there’s an energy about them that you just can’t ignore. It’s like the party won’t begin until they arrive, and they bring that energy and spirit of fun to every workout and gym-related event.  In fact, Steph was just awarded the “Most Spirited” at RTC, an award reserved for the athlete always cheering and encouraging everyone, and adding enthusiasm to every class. 

Steph began working with Coach Allie back in 2017 at the old location, and Jon joined RTC when the new facility opened in 2019.  According to Steph, Jon joined “so he could be where the cool kids are (Steph),” but stayed “for the windows and lavender towels.”  In all seriousness, though, Jon and Steph have much to appreciate about RTC.  They’ve done CrossFit at other facilities, and both say “it’s rare to find a gym as nice as ours, which is a great blend of community, environment, and coaching.”

 It’s this special sense of community that offers the Millers consistency and safety.  “We have the same fitness goals: to be healthy and strong for as long as possible,” says Steph. “The community here at RTC helps us be consistent, and has become a home away from home.  We started CF while our kiddos were still in a baby carrier!  So a safe place for them was a MUST for us.  I love looking over at all our little people on a Saturday because they look forward to seeing each other, just like the adults. We’re so thankful to have our kids grow up around this community. Our members have amazing kids and they have plenty of role models to look up to.”

Laughter and fun are the backbone of the Millers’ relationship, not just at the gym, but in all areas of life.  They met at a bar, where Jon shouted at Steph and her friends, “Hey!  Do you girls play volleyball?”  Steph says that she does not, but that must not have mattered because here they are today! They moved into the area 10 years ago “not knowing a soul.”   Steph loves how Jon makes her push herself to be better, and admires how he puts the needs of her and the kids first, while Jon loves her energy, humor, compassion, and devotion to their family. 

 Jon recently left the corporate world to focus on building the new family business, a salon suite model that will be located in the North Canton Plaza on N. Main St.  “There will be 23 suites for different beauty professionals to run their business out of,” says Steph, “and we are currently halfway full.” When asked to describe the business in a little more detail, Steph said, Jonathan picks up women and men professionally on the Internet and asks them to do their business inside our business.” (Back to that laughter and fun, which is a part of their work, as well!) The Millers plan to open 4 more locations in the future and “see where it goes from there.”

Parents to Jax,10, Zoe, 6, and Wyatt, 4, with a plan to adopt 2 dogs this spring, the Millers stay busy just keeping up with all things family.  Jon and Steph both enjoy woodworking, and many of their projects are highlighted on @makewhatnow, Jon’s Instagram account, as well as the same titled account on YouTube.  Steph loves to read, and Jon recently earned his pilot’s license, which clearly adds a new level of adventure to a family outing! 

The Millers also love to travel, and Steph is headed to New Orleans later this month, a place she fell in love with when she first visited at the age of 15, and where Jon spent a lot of time when he worked for the Folger Company.  Steph has been there many times over the years to celebrate Mardi Gras. Thanks to a connection she has through a friend whose grandmother began a woman’s only parade called “The Krewe of Cleopatra,” a parade that has traditionally been one of the parades that opens Mardi Gras, Steph can ride on the Cleopatra float and throw beads and be right in the center of the celebration.  Steph in a costume, throwing beads and waving to all the people drinking and celebrating…that would surely be a sight to behold, but not one that would come as a surprise to her RTC family!

It’s time to celebrate Jon and Steph in true Miller style, so cue the music and the lights, put your hands in the air, and shimmy your way around the rig.  THE MILLERS ARE IN THE HOUSE, and they’re the February Members of the Month!  Congratulations to this deserving couple!