Clocking Time With…Sarah Fister

Get to Know Sarah Fister  – RTC March Member of the Month

What Sarah Loves About RTC!

Sarah has been a member of the RTC family for over 3 years, but her friendship with Coach Allie goes back to their days at Copley H.S.  “I kept up with her journey and watched her do incredible fitness things!” says Sarah. “Planet Fitness was not working well for me, so I decided to take the leap and join a CrossFit gym.  I knew it had to be hers!”  Sarah loves the RTC community, especially considering she had no expectation that she would form friendships when she joined the gym.  She says that “Work Hard and Be Nice” is “truly the culture of the gym,” and while she planned to keep to herself and get her workouts done with minimal interactions, she quickly saw “how uplifting and encouraging everyone was.”  “I brag about how amazing the people are to everyone I know!”  

While Sarah shied away from sports in high school, she has discovered an inner athleticism, thanks to the coaches at RTC.  “I have always enjoyed running but never did it consistently.  By nature, I’m not very coordinated or strong.  RTC has helped me so much. I have learned that I am strong and can do hard things.”  Sarah has taken advantage of nutrition coaching as well as Coach Colin’s run program, and says, “I have learned how to nourish my body and how to work through physical setbacks or plateaus.  Every single coach at RTC has helped me grow in my fitness journey in so many ways.  I learn a ton from how they work out and how they coach the classes.  I’m super grateful for how patient they are when I ask a million questions or get in my head about things!”

In addition to the many benefits Sarah has gained from her time at RTC, she also loves that her 4 children can work out in their own program.  Sarah says it’s important for her kids to see that “fitness can be fun, cheering each other on is important, and taking care of your body is worth it.”  She calls the kids program “a gift” because her children have found their own special community and are always excited to come to the gym.  Sarah has also seen the positive influence the coaches have had on her kids.  “I’m grateful they have role models in the coaches.  As my girls get older and start to deal with negative messaging surrounding their bodies, I’m thankful they have other older women who they can go to if they need encouragement or wisdom.”

Get to Know Sarah!

Sarah graduated from Kent State University in 2008 with a bachelors in history, a degree she never used because she was pregnant with Madison at the time.  Sarah is currently back to school to earn her masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  She and husband Dan are busy raising children Madison, McKenzie, Hailey, and Colton, while dog Penni rounds out their family.  Sarah has home schooled her children for many years. She loves outdoor activities including running, hiking, or biking, and also enjoys quiet time reading and playing board games with Dan.  As a family, the Fisters love a day spent at Cedar Point. 

Fun Facts about Sarah!

Favorite exercise: Anything squat related, especially a front or back squat

Least favorite exercise: Burpees

Favorite movie: My Best Friend’s Wedding

Best vacation spot: Destin, FL

People would be surprised to know that: I have an irrational fear of mice!

Something that always makes me smile: Seeing my children enjoy playing together or helping each other

A goal I’m working on is: Pull ups and doing a run program with Coach Colin to train to run the half I did not run last year due to hip issues

If I won the lotto I’d: I would pay off debt, help my family if they needed it, give lots away, sell our home, and travel the world.

Congratulations to Sarah Fister, the RTC March Member of the Month!