Clocking Time With…Stephen Calhoun

Get to Know Stephen Calhoun, the RTC October Member of the Month!

What Stephen loves about RTC!

Stephen joined RTC in November 2020 after “hearing Nate Jackson talk about this incredible gym he was a part of.”  Stephen was looking to change his workout routine, which he says “wasn’t yielding much results.”  Not only has Stephen lost weight since joining RTC, but he’s seen a change in his whole body shape.  “It’s great to feel strength in my upper body, and to feel good in the clothes I wear,” he says.  “I once heard someone say ‘Muscle shirts are for muscles,’ and I think I may finally be allowed to wear them now!”  Stephen notes that the workouts are always “varied and inventive,” and the results he’s achieved are “encouraging and empowering.”  Of course, he also credits the “great” people and community at RTC for always offering him support and encouragement, and he appreciates multiple class offerings that enable him to fit in workouts within his busy schedule.

Get to know Stephen!

Stephen grew up in Columbus, and started dating his wife Tricia in high school.  Both attended Malone University, which is what brought them to the Canton area. Stephen and Tricia’s family is growing, as Tricia is expecting baby #5, who will join siblings Brennan, Leah, Carson, and Owen.  Stephen works as an independent consultant who creates online training courses for large corporations such as Nestle, 3M, Walmart, and Crayola.  

Fun Facts about Stephen!

Favorite Exercise:  Dubs!  “I was so bad at these when I started at RTC,” says Stephen.  “It’s very rewarding to be able to string together 50+ fresh after months and months of whipping my shins with my jump rope!”

Least Favorite Exercise:  Burpees!  “A few of them aren’t bad, but most workouts involve way too many!  In the words of Coach George, ‘Keep chipping away at it!’”

Favorite Food:  Any and all kinds of ice cream!

Favorite Movie:  The Dark Knight

Best Vacation Spot:  “Anywhere my kids aren’t!”

People Would be Surprised to Know That:  “I only dated one girl my entire life, and then we got married.”

Something that Always Makes Me Smile:  “Rough housing with my kids and hearing my 6 year old yell ‘Dog pile on Daddy!’”

A Goal I’m Working On Is:  “Fitness-wise, I’d love to do a bar muscle up someday.  On a personal level, I used to play guitar back in my high school days.  I’d love to try to pick it up again sometime.”

Congratulations to Stephen Calhoun, the RTC October Member of the Month!