Clocking Time With…The Houts

Get to Know Michelle & Chris Hout, RTC July 2024 Members of the Month!

What the Houts Love About RTC!

Chris and Michelle joined RTC in 2021, when both “were craving movement after Covid,” and they credit the community as the reason they knew it was the perfect gym for them. “I love watching people come in and blend in immediately,” says Michelle. “RTC adds a familiar, positive place for anyone.” Chris adds, “I love being able to see everyone and work out with them. You don’t have to think too much, because the structure is so on point and every coach is top notch!” Both have made huge strides in their fitness, and Michelle likes that her “fitness goals have become tracked at RTC.” She is especially proud of finishing the Pump & Run 5k in the rain without stopping! 

 Like many young families, the Houts are busy with their careers and activities, so they work together to make fitness an important part of their lives.“We prioritize our need for RTC because it calms our nerves,” says Michelle. “I need that solid hour of working on myself, and I also put reality into our schedule with the kids as to what’s needed and what can be a little relaxed.” Chris agrees: “The busier we got, we made sure to get to RTC and choose the things that wouldn’t get in the way of that. The kids watch us work out, and are definitely motivated whenever they do a sport or competition. RTC is like a member of our family. We know we need it!”

Get to Know the Houts!

Michelle is the Training and Qualification Manager at Shearers, where she manages the elimination of skill gaps, which in turn improves all KPI metrics. Chris is a certified chef from Le Cordon Bleu who earned his associate degree in Culinary. He works as a commercial electric estimator for Hilsher Clarke. The Hout family includes twins Graci (the Unicorn Princess) and Michael (Little Man), and Harvey, a 9 month old rescue kitten who will be starring as Mr. August in his first national calendar, The Paw Print!

Fun Facts about Chris and Michelle!

Favorite exercise: 

Chris: Dumbbell snatch

Michelle: Dumbbell snatch

Least favorite exercise: 

Chris: Squat snatch

Michelle: Wall balls

Favorite food: 

Chris: Ceviche

Michelle: Buttercream icing

Favorite movie: 

Chris: Dark Knight with Heath Ledger

Michelle: Mean Girls

Best vacation spot: 

Chris: Colorado mountainside

Michelle: New York City – I love the energy and sense of accomplishment and motivation for just being there

People would be surprised to know that: 

Chris: I’m naturally good at trap/skeet shooting.

Michelle: I love documentaries! It’s all I watch.

Something that always makes me smile: 

Chris: Tacos

Michelle: Instagram cat videos

If I won the lotto I’d:

Chris: I don’t gamble, but if somehow I did then I’d give and live as our Lord sees fit.

Michelle: I would immediately move to NYC.

Favorite summer activity: 

Chris: Fishing, disc golf, and soccer

Michelle: Celebrating birthdays – we have 3 in July

A goal I’m working on is: 

Chris: Adjusting my macros

Michelle: Business communication certification; speaking without strong emotions

Congratulations to Chris and Michelle Hout, the RTC July Members of the Month!