Weekly OPEN Recap – 21.1

Week 1 started off with quite the bang that no one saw coming, with the first ever workout released in the Open that had wall climbs! Combined with double unders and a spicy ascending rep ladder, talk about boulder shoulders!

Week 1 Top Performances
  • Top 3 RX Women: Andrea Harris, Alex Rundell, Dria Brown 
  • Top 3 RX Men: Coach Gavin, Coach George, Coach Chris
  • Top 3 SCALED Women: Stephanie Margaritakas, Jerrica Thomas, Christine Ferrante
  • Top 3 SCALE Men: Kevin Kidd, John Adamski, Chris Hout
We saw some great showings on the leaderboard with some first timers and newbies making an appearance. 
  • Kevin Kidd & Chris Hout both made their first showing on the scaled men’s leaderboard in their first EVER open experiences.
  • While Alex Rundell crept into the top 2 female RX scores with just over ONE year of CrossFit under her belt!
  • Arguably one of the most impressive showings was a gritty performance by Chris Mulqueen who put up a gutsy 390 (after a determined SUNDAY repeat attempt) in the men’s foundations division.
  • Our two top scorers overall were held by Andrea Harris (aka DocDre) and Coach Gavin, with scores of 435 and 455 respectively. Turns out if you go really fast on a daily basis, you get fitter.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Determined to tackle her first ever open WOD, Angela Miller bravely took on 21.1 despite battling a series of strained body parts. It was a night firsts – first time with the bear crawl, first open, first FNL, & first post WOD visit with Pukie the Clown. 
  • Hillary Buckler, Kenzie Szczepaniak, Lauren Powell, Emma Irwin, & Michelle Hout were all scared to try a wall walk, but they did it and did the entire workout with the scaled walks!

Other First Times & PRs

  • Chris Hout PR’d his unbroken singles at 206 in 21.1.
  • Amber Osmar did a RX wall climb.
  • Michelle Parker did a RX wall climb. 
  • Alex Colston did his first scaled wall walk. 
  • Dorrie Noggle tackled the bear crawl for the first time ever. 
  • Jeff Snyder went bear crawlin’ for the first time. 
  • Mike Radosevic did RX wall climbs and dubs for the first time!
  • Ari Luzano did wall walks for the first time. 

Spirit of the Open Mentions:

  • Jenna Swihart came to the gym at 5:30am solely to Judge and support Amber O…then came back for FNL to do the workout herself. She also made the trip on Sunday to judge and cheer! Did we mention she lives 30 minutes away?!?
  • Lauren Ozanich came to FNL and Sunday Showdown to support her team and everyone else even though she was unexpectedly sidelined by a shoulder issue that kept her from participating in the workout. 
  • Sam Ledford came to FNL and Sunday Showdown to cheer, volunteer, judge and support EVERYONE even though she is on injured reserve while she rehabs back pain. 
  • Darren Hudach did the workout Friday morning then came in for FNL to cheer and judge! Anthony Szczepaniak credits Darren’s judging and cheering for getting him through the workout! 
  • Steph Miller Jon Miller, Christine Ferrante, Steph Irwin, Kevin Kidd, Sydni Brown, Shelly Bailey, Coach Jenny, Amber Osmar, Coach Gavin, Steph Margaritakis, Jim Androsik, Dria Brown, and Alex Rundell (THE Temp Checker) all came in for Sunday Showdown and filled the gym with constant energy!!!
  • Sarah Fister came in to judge Amy Antibus on Monday morning!
  • And last…Coach Abby judged the mostest of anyone…she never left the competition floor during a long week one of FNL!

Other Noteables:

  • Over 80 RTC People Completed 21.1 between Friday and Monday. 
  • Redos saw improved scores.
  • We saw tons of smiles and high fives and no visible tears, although I think we all silently cried at some point inside that 15 minutes. 


Week One Points 

  • Team Gavin aka CHALK DIRTY TO ME: 86 pts
  • Team Jenny aka GYM & JUICE: 84 pts 
  • Team Abby aka FLEXUAL HEALING: 71 pts
  • Team Chris aka #DROPITLIKEASQUAT: 70 pts
  • Team George aka BUNS & GUNS: 69 pts
  • Team Lolly aka FIT TITS & DIRTY BITS: 60 pts
  • CHALK DIRTY TO ME ran away with the best team spirit award this week, giving them the slight edge over team GYM & JUICE. They pulled out all the stops this week, with 11 of 12 team members participating in FNL and cheering the entire night and a freaking live team mascot. No doubt, they absolutely smoked week 1, but it begs to be asked: Can they sustain this level of effort for 2 more weeks? Or will they fade out?
  • Team GYM & JUICE had a strong showing, with many athletes coming in clutch on Friday as well as completing workouts on other days. Their showing of team spirit was strong, but their funny team shirts & crazy strong sock game was their shining star as they took the best dressed team award in week 1 with 11 of 12 teammates participating in the WACKY SOCKS THEME! I mean, c’mon, leave some CRAZY THREADS for the rest of us. 
  • Team FLEXUAL HEALING may not have taken home either of the big awards this week, but they stayed close with a consistent showing of participation and judging points over the entire weekend! Looks like the road to victory will be a close battle. What does their Team Captain have in store for week 2?….
  • Team BUNS & GUNS comes up a little short this week, with a few teammates unable to make the FNL event for those valuable points. That didn’t slow down their efforts though— they also put up a strong showing in the team theme category with 9 of 12 athletes adding credit to their team total! From the mumbling around the community, word on the street is that they are coming with a vengeance this week! Though, it was coming from 99% of their own team, so we will have to wait and see what their plan is on Friday. 
  • And let’s not forget about Team #DROPITLIKEASQUAT & Team FIT TITS & DIRTY BITS….we all know every competition comes with a great underdog story, and we can be sure both team captains have their athletes fired up for a strong week 2 showing! 

(including pre-open points, but not including the Impact Award Nominations already submitted – keep doing these by the way!):

  1. CHALK DIRTY TO ME: 120 pts
  2. GYM & JUICE: 116 pts
  3. FLEXUAL HEALING: 100 pts
  4. BUNS & GUNS: 95 pts
  6. FIT TITS & DIRTY BITS: 79 pts

What to expect this week:

As with every open, to guess what’s coming next is like trying to predict the weather in our great State. However, we can almost guarantee that we will see a dumbbell and/or barbell. 

Be sure to tune into games.crossfit.com at 8PM or to Wodify at 8:15ish to see what’s in store for this upcoming Friday. OR BETTER YET, JOIN US FOR THE LIVE ANNOUNCEMENT & THROW-DOWN AT RTC! 

And just for fun….just like every weatherman/woman in town, I will make a predication: a triplet with DB Snatches, Box Jumps, & CrossFit. 

….And just like every weatherman/woman in town, I will be wrong. See you guys on Friday!