How to Eat More Protein: 7 Easy Tips to Increase Daily Intake

Protein is essential for building, repairing, and maintaining (or gaining) muscle. It also helps you feel full throughout the day. 

Since it’s not as accessible as carbohydrate and fat sources in our culture, many people find it challenging to consistently hit their daily protein goals. Here are 7 easy way to eat more protein and keep your hunger in check while providing your muscles the building blocks they need to thrive! 

Note: We recommend picking one or two to start. Don’t try to use all 7 tips at once!

7 Ways to Eat More Protein

  1. Increase Protein Servings at Each Meal
  2. Add High Protein Fruits and Vegetables
  3. Make Protein Your Snack
  4. Add Protein Powder to Your Routine
  5. Add Egg Whites to Your Scramble
  6. Say Cheese
  7. Make Greek Yogurt Your Friend

Now let’s dive into each tip!

1. Increase Protein Servings at Each Meal

It sounds simple, but incrementally increasing your servings per meal really adds up by the end of the day. Just a little more of each protein source at breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be the difference between nailing your target or coming up short. 

Here are some protein options you can use in your meals.

If you’re counting macros, try dividing your protein evenly through your daily meals and snacks. For example, if you need to eat 140g of protein daily, aim for 35g per meal and 35g split throughout your snacks.

Wondering how much protein you need? Schedule a call with a coach!

2. Add High Protein Fruits and Vegetables

While meat and dairy are generally thought of as the primary sources of protein, high-protein vegetables and fruits can also help to up your daily intake. 

In fact, many vegetarians and vegans use them as one of their primary sources! Here are some ideas:

High Protein Vegetables:High Protein Fruits:
Mung Bean Sprouts
Brussels Sprouts
Snow Peas
Green Peas
3. Make Protein Your Snack

Swap your usual carb and fat-heavy snacks with ones that are protein-focused. Try pairing lean meats with your veggies, and consider trying a protein-packed hummus instead of your favorite dipping sauce. A low-fat beef jerky is also an excellent option here, as are nitrate-free, low-sodium deli meats. 

Low-calorie protein bars are great to grab and go if you need something quick.

Need one more quick protein snack tip? Start thinking about your snacks as “mini meals” instead of filling your bowl or plate with traditional “snack foods”—it will leave you feeling fuller and more energized while promoting protein intake.

4. Add Protein Powder to Your Routine

Add your favorite protein powder to pancakes at breakfast, smoothies, oats, or even a healthy dessert for a simple and delicious way to boost your daily intake. Getting a large chunk of protein early in the day means you’re less likely to have to play catchup later on. You can also add a quick protein shake after your workouts!

There are an insane number of options available. From vegan and vegetarian-friendly options to nearly every flavor under the sun, there’s an option to fit every need and preference possible.

5. Add Egg Whites to Your Scramble

Egg whites are a great way to add volume and protein to your meal with minimal added fat. Try adding them to your next stir-fry or pasta dish, and watch your daily intake skyrocket!

Pro tip: Pasteurized egg whites can also be added to smoothies for a quick protein boost without negatively impacting texture or taste.

6. Say Cheese

With so many varieties of cheese available, this crowd favorite can be added to almost any dish. Make sure you’re choosing the right type for your goals and macros, as some options are much more macro-friendly than others.

Lower-fat Cheese Options:

  • Cottage cheese
  • Reduced fat mozzarella
  • Reduced fat provolone
  • Reduced fat ricotta
  • Swiss 
7. Make Greek Yogurt Your Friend

If your diet allows dairy, Greek yogurt has some of the best protein macros around.

You can top yogurt with fruit and nut butter for breakfast or a quick snack, or add powdered peanut butter for an extra protein boost. It also excels as a base for your favorite sauces (like macro-friendly Tzatziki or veggie dip) and is a great replacement for oil in baking recipes.

Pro tip: We recommend grabbing plain greek yogurt versus sugary favors. It is more versatile and gives you the ability to add your own toppings without blowing carbs out of the water or adding unnecessary sugars to your day.

Eat More Protein

Although protein can be challenging to work into your daily diet, with a little extra thought, you can easily increase your intake without having to eat large portions in one sitting. 

If you’re still feeling stuck, consider hiring a 1:1 nutrition coach. There’s no better way to learn the habits and skill sets you need to see long-lasting, sustainable results than working with a nutrition expert at RTC!