Clocking Time With…Jenna Swihart

It’s fitting that Jenna Swihart is our first official featured member in the new “Clocking Time With…” highlight series. She just celebrated her 5 year CrossFit anniversary, and credits her CrossFit training for making her stronger and faster.  But to Jenna, CrossFit is about more than just strength and speed.  It’s about a community that feels like family, and about a gym that she says is “in a league of its own.”

Jenna’s fitness background includes participating in organized sports (she went to Urbana University on a golf scholarship), running, and some P90X.  She had a few years of CrossFit experience before joining RTC in the summer of 2019.  “I always admired the wealth of knowledge Allie had when I took her classes at my previous gym,” Jenna says.  “When she decided to open her own space, I was super excited to be a part of it.”  

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Author: Steph Irwin

It’s that togetherness that keeps Jenna motivated.  She’s a regular at the 5:30AM class, and many in her workout crew say they love training with Jenna because she “makes early morning workouts fun.”  There’s lots of laughter between the lifts, and Jenna finds just as much enjoyment in the classes as they do.  “They renew my motivation every time I get discouraged by inspiring me with their own personal accomplishments,” she says, “and they accept me for the oddball that I am…however, I’m not alone in being weird.  Everyone that chooses to do CrossFit at 5:30AM has to have a couple screws loose.  That crew holds a special place in my heart.”  (This is a good place to mention that Jenna was voted “Class Clown” in both middle and high school.  Obviously, she’s continued to wear this crown into adulthood!)

Jenna, a lifelong resident of Waynesburg, works as a Senior Project Technician at a small engineering firm, where she helps manage the day to day aspects of her clients’ projects in the oil and gas industry.  She is the youngest of 4 siblings: a sister, Fiona, and 2 brothers, Oliver and Justin, who live as close as Columbus and as far away as Washington and California.  She loves being an aunt to her little niece Yuni, and if you follow Jenna on Instagram, you know her adorable dog Phyllis is the star of the show. 

Jenna loves to travel, and because her brother has been in the Air Force for 17 years, her family has made trips to see him and the many places he has been stationed. “We spent time in South Korea, where I visited the DMZ and took part in a traditional Korean wedding when my brother got married,” she says.  “We also spent Christmas in northern Italy, where we visited Verona, Venice, Milan, and Florence.”  Despite her travels around the world, Jenna remains a small town girl at heart.  “I love the small town life…the more I’ve traveled throughout the United States and the few places I’ve been around the world, it only makes me appreciate where I’m from even more.”

So aside from her warm smile, quirky sense of humor, and that enviable head of curls, what else is there to know about Jenna Swihart?  She loves political podcasts, sports, cooking, reading, and “actively figuring out ways to retire by 45.”  She describes herself as curious, funny, and sincere.  She’s not afraid of doing her own home improvement projects.  She has a moped for sale, in case you’re interested.  

But most importantly, she’s what Coach Allie refers to as “a damn good human.”  That’s the best kind of people to be around.  That’s the kind of people that make up the RTC community.  

 It’s clear that everyone loves “Clocking Time” with Jenna!  Congratulations to RTC’s first featured member!