Stress & Food

The intense over-stimulation of our fear response during this Covid-19 pandemic has us all on heightened alert.  It’s elevated not only our anxiety, but our emotional response overall.  Small conflicts seem much larger now.  Normal relationship tension has become intolerable.  Minor business problems and operational stresses feel like logistical and economic nightmares.  

What do we do with all the extra anxiety, stress, and worry?  If you’re like most Americans you turn to food, food, and more food for comfort, with little regards for the consequences.

We do not have to overeat in response to a panicked world.  READ THAT AGAIN. We do not have to overeat in response to a panicked world. 

So, as much as your inner “Food Monster” might want you to stock up on pretzels, potato chips, pizza, chocolate bars, and more, don’t do it.

Instead, use this time to reflect, plan, and build something constructive. Breathe. Love. Connect. Set clear boundaries and keep commitments to yourself above all. Be an example for your family, friends, and peers.  This will give you a peace you’ll never find at the bottom of a bag, box, or container.

And remember, this too shall pass.