Weekly OPEN Recap – 21.2

Now I won’t say that I nailed my week 2 prediction, but come on man……it was CLOSE! We saw a repeat WOD from 2017 that proved once again to be all about pacing, with a nasty couplet of 150 DB Snatches and 75 Burpee Box Jump Overs with a tough 20 minute timecap! Oh my! 

Week 2 Top Performances
  • Top 3 RX Women: Dria Brown, Andrea Harris, Coach Abby
  • Top 3 RX Men: Coach George, Coach Gavin, Coach Chris
  • Top 3 SCALED Women: Jen Williams, Christine Ferrante, Tanya McCort
  • Top 3 SCALE Men: Anthony Szczepaniak, Chris Hout, & Nick Marg Tied for 2nd with 17:01 both!
Once again, we had some AWESOME performances this week, with some notable ones listed below:
  • Christine Ferrante & Chris Hout continue to make their presence known in the scaled division, as they secure a 2nd straight week on the leaderboard. 
  • With her unbreakable demeanor and immeasurable endurance, the ever so consistent Andrea Harris makes her showing on the Women’s RX board again this week.
  • The Gritty Performance of the Week goes to Steph Margaritakiswho lost clothes each round, cried a tad more, and pushed so very hard on FNL to come up just 2 reps shy of completing 21.2 RX’d! Then she came back on Sunday to battle it again, determined to finish this go round. And guess what?!? She finished in under 18:30!
  • We can’t say enough about our male coaches, who continue to top the men’s RX leaderboard, with Coach Gavin finishing the WOD with a PR visit to Pukey the trash can (see photo evidence). 

Honorable Mentions:

  • Coach Chris improved his time by over 2 minutes in his redo attempt! It seems a new strategy really worked out. 
  • Hillary Buckler did her first ever RX WOD with a 35# DB and absolutely crushed it! 
  • Cory Gravesmill did not expect to finish…and he did. 
  • Angie Betz did not expect to finish….and she did. 
  • Jim Androsik was able to finish under the 20 minute cap on his redo attempt! 
  • Lauren Ozanich was able to DO the workout after missing week one due to injury!

Other First Times & PRs

  • Kathy D did her first masters RX open WOD!
  • Jeff & Mandi Snyder did soooo many full burpees and box jumps after just recently getting those movements RX for the first times ever. 
  • Coach Jenny, Jenna Swihart, Jenna Reynolds, Andrea Harris, Dria Brown, Coach Gavin, Joey Salser, Coach Chris, Krystal Allen (our Open official photographer) and yours truly all PR’d our times over 2017….yay for being fitter or smarter. Either way, it’s a win! 

Spirit of the Open Mentions:

  • Jenna Swihart yet again came to the gym at 5:30am solely to Judge and support Amber O…then came back for FNL to do the workout herself. 
  • Sam Ledford yet again came to FNL and Sunday Showdown to cheer, volunteer, judge and support EVERYONE even though she is on injured reserve while she continues to rehab her back. 
  • Darren Hudach did the workout Friday morning then came in for FNL to cheer and judge! Anthony Szczepaniak again credits Darren’s judging and cheering for getting him on the leaderboard this week! 
  • Sarah Fister came in to judge Angie B on Monday morning! She lives in Copley people! 
  • Jenn R had a rare Friday night off and came to show her luck of the Irish team pride after completing the workout Friday morning. 
  • Sue Coss gets an integrity shoutout…turns out we are all human and mistakes get made. Her judge miscounted one of her burpee box jumps rounds and credited her with an extra rep (that had not been completed). It would have been sure easy to take the judges word for it and move back to the DB. But she knew she had one more and said I have another one and did it! That’s what it is about people!!! Way to be, Sue!
  • Sarah Fister came in to judge Angie B on Monday morning! She lives in Copley people! 
  • We had 28 people here for The Thursday Night Live Announcement Throwdown and 18 people here for Sunday Showdown week 2!
  • And last…Josh Allatzas stayed at FNL until we had fully cleaned up. In that time, he put away most of the left out dumbbells and boxes AND THEN he hand mopped our ENTIRE floor! Josh = ROCKSTAR!!

Other Noteables:

  • Once again, over 80 RTC People Completed 21.2 between Thursday and Monday. 
  • We saw tons of improvements over 2017 attempts!
  • We saw less smiles during the workout, visible tears this week, and a record number of almost pukes, but the energy was incredible and the gym was certainly buzzing! Seems you all are a crazier breed than I already thought! 


Week One Points 

  • Team Gavin aka CHALK DIRTY TO ME: 100 pts
  • Team Jenny aka GYM & JUICE: 83 pts 
  • Team Lolly aka FIT TITS & DIRTY BITS: 87 pts
  • Team Chris aka #DROPITLIKEASQUAT: 74 pts
  • Team George aka BUNS & GUNS: 73 pts
  • Team Abby aka FLEXUAL HEALING: 66 pts
  • CHALK DIRTY TO ME talked a big game last week and they certainly backed it up, bringing their A’est game for week 2! They ran away with this week’s best team spirit award with 12 of 12 team members showing up at FNL with green gear everywhere.
  • GYM & JUICE had another strong week with all team members earning team theme points and a strong showing at FNL, Thursday Throwdown and Sunday Showdown, earning more valuable team points. 
  • For a surprise this week, team FIT TITS & DIRTY BITS ran AWAY with the best dressed team award this week, with a live chubby unicorn wandering the house at FNL, giving them some much needed points on the overall leaderboard. You know what they say about the quiet ones?!? Will week 3 be their time to shine all the way to the finish line???
  • #DROPITLIKEASQUAT & BUNS & GUNS both had strong showings, with 5 athletes on our top leaderboards scattered among almost divisions! However, if the Team Chris or Team George want to make a comeback in the overall standings, they’ll need all hands on deck in week 3, given the strong showings from the other teams…
  • And we can’t count out  FLEXUAL HEALING. They had an off week, but we know Captain Coach Abby won’t go down without a fight and all the smack talk there is. Watch out, teams….all is fair in love and CrossFit. 

(including pre-open points, but not including the Impact Award Nominations already submitted – keep doing these by the way!):

  1. CHALK DIRTY TO ME: 220 pts
  2. GYM & JUICE: 199 pts
  3. BUNS & GUNS: 168 pts
  4. FLEXUAL HEALING: 167 pts
  5. FIT TITS & DIRTY BITS: 166 pts
  6.  #DROPITLIKEASQUAT: 163 pts

There may be a big gap between 1st/2nd and the rest of the standings, but the race for 3rd is TIGHT. And there will EXTRA point earning opportunities this coming week. It is truly still anyone’s trophy. GAME ON TEAMS!

What to expect this week:

As with every open, to guess what’s coming next is like trying to predict the weather in our great State. 

However, we can guarantee that the carnage will continue, and the skills will become more advanced, and the scaled division will be absolutely CUT THROAT. 

Be sure to tune into games.crossfit.com at 3PM to see what’s in store for this upcoming Friday. 

….and once again just like every weatherman/woman in town, I will make another predication: barbell thrusters & pull ups.

And I will likely be wrong. See you guys on Friday!