Weekly OPEN Recap – 21.3 & 21.4

Week 3 of the Open delivered the movements we knew were coming in a completely unprecedented way; barbell thrusters & ALL the gymnastics PLUS, for the first time ever, Mr. Castro introduced a heavy lifting complex, something we’ve never seen before in OPEN history….making 21.3 & 21.4 a monster fitness test. 

Week 3 Top Performances
  • Top 3 RX Women 21.3: Andrea Harris, Coach Jenny, Dria Brown
  • Top 3 RX Women 21.4: Dria Brown, Coach Abby, Coach Jenny
  • Top 3 RX Men 21.3: Coach George, Coach Gavin, Coach Chris
  • Top 3 RX Men 21.4: Coach Gavin, Jon Miller & Devin Booker tied at 255
  • Top 3 SCALE Women 21.3: Stephanie Margaritakis, Tanya McCort, Steph Irwin 
  • Top 3 SCALE Women 21.4: Shelly Bailey, Jeanine Booker, Amber Osmar 
  • Top 3 SCALE Men 21.3: Stephen Calhoun, Chris Hout, Josh Allatzas
  • Top 3 SCALE Men 21.4: Joey Salser, Alex Colston & Anthony Szczepaniak tied at 175
We had some first times and AWESOME performances this week, with some notable ones listed below:
  • Chris Hout continues to make his presence known in the scaled division, once again claiming a top spot on the mens scaled leaderboard in Week 3. 
  • The scaled men’s leaderboard saw a new face this week, with the strong and long, Joey Salser, taking the lead and putting on a barbell clinic on 21.4 while our RX men’s leaderboard finally made room for some of our strong men (outside of our coaches)!
  • The Gritty Performance of the Week goes to Shelly Bailey with a massive buzzer beating, barbell complex PR that took her all the way to the top of the women’s scaled leaderboard for Week 3!
  • Speaking of the scaled women’s leaderboard, week 3 brought us ALL new faces for 21.4! Our barbell babes finally got to shine!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Coach Abby hit her first bar muscle up on 21.3 and then went on to repeat it a few times. 
  • Alex Rundell hit her first bar muscle up in 21.3 and then repeated on Monday to get 12 more!
  • Jenna Swihart got her first bar muscle up in 21.3 after over 5 years of CrossFit Opens.
  • Amy Antibus did her first RX chest to bar pull up! 
  • Karli Scaffide got her kipping pull-ups to click and completed 30 unassisted in 21.3!
  • Jason Moss got his first bar muscle up before 21.3 when he took a chance and gave it a try!
  • Jerrica Thomas PR’d her hang clean & jerk, did her first ever unassisted pull up, AND THEN did 25 more!

Other First Times & PRs

  • Andrea H did more BMUs in one workout than ever before!
  • Amanda H 25# clean PR!
  • Josh A hit a jerk PR!
  • Stephen C did 30 unassisted pull-ups in a WOD!
  • Sarah F PR’d her shoulder to overhead!
  • Sara D PR’d her barbell complex!
  • Jen W got her first unassisted RX pull-up and PR push jerk!
  • Anthony A PR’d his lifting complex!
  • Angela M PR’d her jerk!
  • Kathy D PR’d her clean & jerk!
  • Sydni B PR’d her clean and jerk!
  • Michelle Hout PR’d her lift!
  • Chris H PR’d his shoulder to overhead! 
  • Dorrie N PR’d her push ups…without shoulder pain!
  • Steph Marg did more chest to bar pull ups in one workout than ever before!
  • Coach Jenny, Jenna Reynolds, Coach George, Coach Chris, Karli Scaffide & Alex Rundell (THE clock starter….TEENNN SECONDS!) all repeated 21.3 & 21.4 and improved their scores!

Spirit of the Open Mentions:

  • Jenna Swihart yet again came to the gym at 5:30am to Judge and support Amber O…then came back for FNL to do the workout herself. 
  • Sam Ledford once again came to FNL and Sunday Showdown to cheer, volunteer, judge and support EVERYONE even though she is on injured reserve while she continues to rehab her back. 
  • Anthony Szczepaniak again credits Darren’s judging and cheering for getting him on the leaderboard this week! 
  • We had over 20 people here for Sunday showdown week 3!
  • And last…Joey Salser came for the start of FNL until he had to change and leave for his work shift!

Other Noteables:

  • Yet again, over 80 RTC People Completed 21.3 & 21.4 between Thursday and Monday. 
  • Redos saw improved scores AND LIFTS!
  • We heard massive eruptions of cheers and some excited F*** yeahs this week as the the open finally gave us a workout with the opportunity to have THE open moments we look forward to every year….those rare and ever so exciting moments when you witness someone do something really hard for the VERY first time ever….that is what it is all about! And we certainly had a few of those epic moments in week 3! In fact, the Facebookless Jenna Swihart (the irony hehe) is IG famous now as her exciting first BMU video made the CrossFit Games Instagram FEED, highlighting these exact moments that make the open so very special (despite what the internet trolls have to say about it – insert massive eye roll here). PS: if you want some comedy, check out the comments on the post and read through Coach Gavin’s and Coach Lauren’s responses as they quickly and fearlessly put those trollers in their place! It’s quite entertaining and on a serious note, it warms my heart so much to see how much your coaches HAVE YOUR BACKS ALWAYS!


Week One Points 

  • Team Jenny aka GYM & JUICE: 81 pts 
  • Team Gavin aka CHALK DIRTY TO ME: 69 pts
  • Team Abby aka FLEXUAL HEALING: 60 pts
  • Team George aka BUNS & GUNS: 60 pts
  • Team Lolly aka FIT TITS & DIRTY BITS: 53 pts
  • Team Chris aka #DROPITLIKEASQUAT: 48 pts
  • CHALK DIRTY TO ME had another strong showing in week 3 with massive FNL attendance and team spirit, but it wasn’t enough, as TEAM GYM & JUICE came to play AGAIN this week, knowing they had to bring their best showing if they wanted a shot at the crown! 
  • GYM & JUICE took the overall win in week 3 with the best team spirit award as 11 of 12 team members hit FNL attendance. This enormous participation at FNL made their presence was known! Do we smell a comeback victory after all?!
  • BUNS & GUNS secured their first and only team award this week running away with the best dressed team for the commitment to their decade! Holy tie-die crew….and the flag was a special touch. Well done, team. ✌️
  • FLEXUAL HEALING had another slow week with the absebse of some key team members, but don’t count them out. Rumor has it Coach Abby has  collected a lot of impact award nominations from her team. 
  • FIT TITS & DIRTY BITS and  #DROPITLIKEASQUAT gave it their all, but every good competition must have winners and losers…better luck next time teams.  


ALL POINTS (including those valuable impact award nomination points we’ve been collecting over the last 3 weeks) will be totaled and announced on Friday. 

The top 2 teams are separated by only 8 points and the race between 3rd and 4th place is only ONE (yes, ONE!) point. Who will rally their team to finish strong and claim a spot on the podium for the final official RTC OPEN 21 Standings!?!?!?