Weekly OPEN Recap – 22.2

Now I won’t say that I nailed my week 2 prediction, BUT I did call the general idea of a nasty couplet! And boy was it nasty….a NEW and dirty couplet of ascending (and descending if time allowed you the honor) of deads and bar facing burpees with a “short” 10 minute timecap! Oh my! 

Week 2 Top Performances
  • Top 3 RX Women: Andrea Harris, Dria Brown, Lauren Birmingham 
  • Top 3 RX Men: Coach George, Coach Gavin, Chris Hout
  • Top 3 SCALED Women: Nicole Weiss, Kenzie Szczepaniak, Brittany Scheeff
  • Top 3 SCALE Men: Dan McLaughlin, Kevin Kidd, Nick Margaritakis 
We saw some great showings on the leaderboard with some first timers and newbies making an appearance. 
  • Dan McLaughlin and Nick Margaritakis continue to make their presence known in the scaled division, as they secure a 2nd straight week on the leaderboard. 
  • While Chris Hout moved into the top 3 male RX scores, making his first ever appearance on the RX leaderboard, Kevin Kidd took over a spot in the top 3 male Scaled scores this week (his first time on the leaderboard).
  • With their unbreakable demeanors and immeasurable endurance, the ever so consistent Andrea Harris & Dria Brown make their showing on the Women’s RX board again this week! While it seems Lauren Birmingham rebounded from her time in the sun, as she hit the Women’s RX leaderboard in week 2!
  • Of course, we can’t say enough about our male coaches, who continue to top the men’s RX leaderboard, with Coach George FINISHING this WOD with 3 seconds to spare. He was our only athlete to compete all 200 reps under the cap! And Coach Gavin was only 7 reps away from a finish! Impressive stuff gents. 
  • And let’s not ignore that we have 3 ENTIRELY new names on the scaled Women’s leaderboard this week with Nicole Weiss, Kenzie Szczepaniak, and Brittany Scheeff making the their first appearances on an open leaderboard, earning their teams some valuable points!

Honorable Mentions:

  • The Gritty Performances of the Week go out to Chloe Smith and Nicky Troyer, who both pushed so very hard at FNL to do the workout RX…no small feat given the deadlift weight!
  • Arguably one of the most impressive showings this week belongs to Steph Irwin at 156 reps in the Women’s RX Masters (55+) division, after a 14 rep redo improvement!

Other First Times & PRs

  • Christine F did her first ever RX OPEN WOD!
  • Stacie S did her first ever RX OPEN WOD! 
  • Steph I did her first Masters RX Open WOD!
  • Jerrica T did her first ever RX OPEN WOD! 
  • Lauren O did her first ever RX OPEN WOD!  

Spirit of the Open Mentions:

  • It’s hard to be sidelined with injuries, but once again this week, Sara Dye & Charissa Vaughn were in the house to support everyone!
  • Coach Jenny battled a nasty bug this week and for the first time ever she did not repeat an Open workout. If you know Coach Jenny, you know that was HARD for her. But it was smart and she set a great example with her decision to take care of her body this week!
  • ALL of our judges did a FANTASTIC job this week keeping athletes calm, focused, and on track in a tough workout to manage mentally….all that counting is hard work!
  • Yet again, the theme, blackout night, was a big hit among all the teams, but special shout outs go to Monica & Mike McAtee who both completed THE ENTIRE WOD IN FULL BLACK OUT FORCE, wigs included!
  • And again this week, the Synders, the McAtees, and Amber Osmar all made special trips to the gym on Sunday just to support our Sunday Showdown participants through this very tough workout!

Other Noteables:

  • Once again, almost 100 RTC people took on 22.2 between Thursday and Monday.
  • More people than ever did the workout RX!
  • We saw less smiles during the workout, a lineup of NEW epic ugly lifting faces, and a record number of almost(?) pukes, but the energy was incredible and the gym was certainly buzzing! Seems you all are a crazier breed than I already thought! 


Week Two Points 

  • Team Gavin aka CHALK DIRTY TO ME: 106 pts
  • Team Jenny aka GYM & JUICE: 99 pts 
  • Team George aka BUNS & GUNS: 92 pts
  • Team Chris aka #DROPITLIKEASQUAT: 88 pts
  • Team CHALK DIRTY TO ME talked a big game last week and they certainly backed it up, bringing their A’est game for week 2! They ran away with this week’s BEST TEAM SPIRIT AWARD with ALL team members showing up at FNL in fully coordinated blackout gear, even the athletes that couldn’t participate in the workout. Their team flag and balloon game were legit! And their cheers were among the loudest in the building all night!
  • Team GYM & JUICE had another strong week with all team members laced up and ready to defend the BEST DRESSED TEAM AWARD they snagged last week. The team branded eye black was the winning touch.
  • For a surprise this week, Team BUNS AND GUN pulled ahead of Team #DROPITLIKEASQUAT. Both teams had strong showings, with 6 athletes on our top leaderboards scattered amongst the divisions! However, if Team George or Team Chris want to make a comeback in the overall standings, they’ll need all hands on deck in week 3, given the strong showings from the other teams…Who will shine brighter in Week 3 to make the podium?!?

(including pre-open points, but NOT including the Impact Award Nominations already submitted – continue with these until the very end!!!):

  1. CHALK DIRTY TO ME: 250 pts
  2. GYM & JUICE: 245 pts
  3. BUNS & GUNS: 213 pts

There may be a big gap between 1st/2nd and 3rd/4th, but the reality is the race for all 3 podium spots is TIGHT. Who will end up on top, who will take 3rd, and who will be left off the podium this year?! It is still anyone’s trophy, folks. GAME ON TEAMS!

What to expect this week:

As with every open, to guess what’s coming next is like trying to predict the weather in our great State.

However, we can guarantee that the carnage will continue, and the skills will become more advanced (who’s ready to get gymnasty!?!).

Be sure to tune into games.crossfit.com at 3PM Thursday or to Wodify at 8PM to see what’s in store for this upcoming Friday.  

….and once again just like every weatherman/woman in town, I will make my last predication this open season: my specific, “likely too obvious to be right” guess: a repeat of 21.3 & 21.4 / my general guess: rig work and a strength test.

And I will likely be wrong. See you guys on Friday!