What Makes The Workout Work?

When I first started CrossFit back in 2011, I thought I HAD to do the workouts as written on the whiteboard, so much so that most times I did things that I probably wasn’t ready for, and I skipped ahead in a lot of the movements. I took for granted my athletic background and quick learning skills, buuuut, in hindsight I wish I had started out a lot slower. Although, at the same time, my experiences have helped me become a better coach and athlete, so at the very least, I DID learn from my mistakes. 😉

I once believed that in order for the workouts to “work” AKA get me super fit and awesome, that I had to do it “Rx,” and I had to struggle hard. The worse it sucked, the better. The more it hurt, even better. The more I did, the quicker I would be at the top.

Oh, how times have changed. 

As for most of us, I had to learn the hard way, but maybe my story and my words, if I bully you with them enough, can get just one of you to “get” it.

What makes the workout work is DOING it WELL. 

And, doing it well means doing it at the appropriate level and pace for YOU in your current state of life and fitness. Doing it well means moving correctly, intently, and efficiently. Doing it well means treating your body, the equipment, and the program with the respect that it deserves. Doing it well means trusting the process, progressing slowly, and being patient, but consistent with your efforts.

What makes the workout work is doing what is best for you, your goals, your needs, your life. 

What makes the workout work is YOU.

Start thinking about what you want to get out of each workout for yourself. What is your goal or intention for that day, that hour, that AMRAP, that EMOM?! While we certainly give you our intentions and desired stimulis, we also want you to OWN YOUR FITNESS.

Next time “Fran” shows up, pick a focus. Don’t just do it just to do it again. Make the pull ups your focus. Tell yourself that you want to try and do 7-7-7, then 5-5-5, and then all 9 unbroken, and the thrusters will be at a lighter weight so you can focus on the pull up rep scheme today. Or, maybe you want the thrusters to be your focus, so you scale the pull ups. Or, maybe the rest intervals are your focus. Maybe you want to try to stick to a 5-4-3-2-1 count for your rest every time you drop the barbell or drop from the pull ups. MAKE AN INTENTION. Then stick to that plan.

Every workout I do, I have one focus for that workout, and I always try to pick something that scares me, that I’m slightly unsure of, that makes me a bit uncomfortable – THAT’S how we grow!

What makes the workout work is you deciding what you are going to get out it each day!

So, use our guidelines during the whiteboard brief and decide what you’re going to do to make your workout work for you! 🙂