Top 3 RX Women: Coach Allie, Andrea Harris, Coach Lauren

Top 3 RX Men: Coach George, Chris Reynolds, Jon Miller

Top 3 SCALE Women: Stephanie Margaritakas, Paula Harmon, Stacey Miller

Top 3 SCALE Men: Brent Gill, Erik Antibus, Scott Miller

Week 1 Recap:

Week 1 started off with quite the bang, with the first released workout of the 10th anniversary of the CrossFit Open featuring a true test of pacing. A classic couplet of ground to overhead and bar facing burpees and a challenging 15 minute time cap proved to be a tough grind for all athletes. We saw some great showings on the leaderboard with some first timers and newbies making an appearance. 

  • BRENT GILL made his first showing on the scaled men’s leaderboard in his first EVER open.
  • While PAULA HARMON crept into the top 2 Scaled with just over ONE year of CrossFIt under her belt!
  • Arguably one of the most impressive showings was a gritty performance by STACEY MILLER who put up a gutsy 162 (9 full rounds) in the women’s scaled division.
  • Our top female scorers overall were COACH ALLIE (11:25), ANDREA HARRIS (AKA DOCTOR DRE) (12:10), & COACH LAUREN (12:57). Our top male scorers overall were COACH GEORGE (11:45), CHRIS REYNOLDS (177 reps), & our resident pie provider, & JON MILLER (166 reps). Turns out if you go really fast on a daily basis, you get fitter.

Other Notables:

  • Nearly 40 People Completed 20.1 between Friday and Monday. 
  • All redos saw improved scores/times
  • We saw tons of smiles and high fives and no visible tears, although I think we all silently cried at some point inside that 15 minutes. 

Team Recap:

  1. Team GHOSTBUSTERS: 43 pts
  2. Team POWER RANGERS & A TEAM: TIED AT 36 pts 
  3. Team NINJA TURTLES: 32 pts
  • Team GHOSTBUSTERS ran AWAY with the best dressed team award this week, giving them the slight edge over team POWER RANGERS & A TEAM. They pulled out ALL the stops this week, with EVERY team members participating in the NEON LIGHTS THEME! I mean, c’mon, leave some NEON for the rest of us… But really, they absolutely smoked week 1, but it begs to be asked: Can they sustain this level of effort for 4 more weeks? Or will they fade out?
  • Team POWER RANGERS had a strong showing, with many athletes coming in clutch on Friday as well as completing workouts on other days. Their showing of team spirit was strong, but their fun hats tied with the A TEAM who also had a strong showing in week one. Looks like the road to victory will be a close battle. What’s Team POWER RANGERS and the A TEAM have in store for this week?…
  • Team NINJA TURTLES comes up a little short this week, with a few teammates unable to make the FNL event for those valuable points. That didn’t slow down their efforts though— they also put up a strong showing in the team theme category with 7 of 8 athletes adding credit to their team total! From the mumbling around the community, word on the street is that they are coming with a vengeance this week! Though, it was coming from 99% of their own team, so we will have to wait and see what their plan is on Friday. 

What to expect this week:

As with every open, to guess what’s coming next is like trying to predict the weather in our great State. However, we can almost guarantee that we will see some more complex movements. Be sure to tune into games.crossfit.com at 8PM or to Wodify at 8:15ish to see what’s in store for this upcoming Friday. Just like every weatherman/woman in town, I will make a predication: Rowing, double-unders, and chest-to-bar. And just like every weatherman/woman in town, I will be wrong. See you guys on Friday!