Clocking Time With…Logan Copeland

At 22, Logan Copeland has the energy and mischievous nature of a little boy.  This makes him lots of fun to be around during a WOD.  At any given time, he can be found singing at the top of his lungs or throwing insults at a fellow gym member (usually Coach George) while he slings some heavy weight around.  There’s a sweet side to Logan, too.  Listen to him talk about his niece “growing up too soon,” or hear him congratulate someone who just PR’d a lift, and you know behind that youthful bravado lies a heart of gold.  

Logan graduated from Perry High School, where he excelled at both football and baseball.  He then  headed to Ohio University, where he majored in Sport Management and minored in Marketing.  Logan says that his participation in organized sports while in high school “transferred well into CrossFit,” and after returning home from an internship at the end of 2019, he joined RTC.

Logan’s experience at RTC has been nothing but positive.  “RTC is always available for me to come and work hard for as many hours as I want,” he says.  “We have members that push me to be better at things I’m not great at. That helps me work on those weaknesses.”  Logan continues, “I love seeing not only my growth as an athlete, but the growth our members make, because CrossFit isn’t easy. We push ourselves hard to see the results we want, and results look different for a lot of people, but it’s amazing to see someone else hit a PR, string together pull-ups, or run without pain. That’s something that separates CrossFit from other workout programs.”  Logan has some big fitness goals, including someday qualifying for a CrossFit Sanctional, or breaking the top 1000 in the CrossFit Open, and he knows the time spent at RTC has moved him in the direction of meeting those goals.

Outside of the gym, Logan is part of a close knit family that includes his mom, Janet, an RN, his dad, Mark, an underground worker for AEP, and his older sister Halle.  He says that his family has supported him “more than any kid could imagine” since he was a 6 year old playing flag football and baseball.  “I couldn’t ask for a better support system than what my family has given me,” he states.  Logan’s interests outside of the gym are varied, and include “watching a good Netflix/Hulu series” and spending time golfing, playing volleyball, or   “enjoying a day on the lake in the summertime” with friends.

Logan is moving on to a new life adventure in mid-January as he relocates to the Grandview area of Columbus to begin work at a consulting firm.  He says he “plans on spending a lot of time at CrossFit Grandview and spending a lot of paychecks at Rogue,” a convenient stop that will be only 12 minutes away from him!

When asked what he’ll miss about RTC, Logan says, “I’ll miss everything…except Darren.  No, I’m kidding!   I will miss training with George every day and having fun smack talking after he beats me or I beat him. Also, I’ll miss seeing everyone and staying updated with their lives, and seeing how much people I don’t see all the time progress on a weekend WOD. It’s been so amazing being at this gym and the people make it for sure! And I actually will miss Darren, so if he has a hard time believing that, it is true!!”

RTC will miss Logan’s enthusiasm, charm, and sense of humor, and there’s no doubt that his work ethic will carry him far as he moves on to this new phase of life  “I just want to be the hardest worker in any setting I’m in,” he says.  “That was how I was in school and how I am in the gym. I’ve never been the smartest person in the room or the best athlete on a team, but I’m gonna make sure I give my best effort in anything I do.”

Best wishes to you, Logan!  Near or far, you’ll always be a part of the RTC Fit Fam!