24.2 Open Recap: Thrift Store Prom Edition

RTC Fitness Week 2 Recap: The Spectacular Showdown of 24.2

Welcome back, fabulous fashionistas and fitness aficionados, to the glittering gala that was Week 2 of the RTC Fitness Intramural Open!

This time, our gym transformed into a ballroom of brawn and beauty for “Thrift Store Prom,” where athletes traded lifting belts for cummerbunds and swapped sweatbands for tiaras. The workout? A 20-minute whirlwind of rowing, deadlifts, and jump rope, proving once again that our athletes are as resilient as they are resourceful.

A Night to Remember: The Workout Waltz

Under the disco ball, our athletes took on 24.2 with the elegance of prom kings and queens, albeit with a touch more sweat and jumping than your average dance floor.

Speaking of jump rope…it doesn’t mix well with prom dresses, but wow, did the ladies of RTC rock it out!  Lauren O was most impressive, dubbing her way through the workout with her flowy dress floating around and then stuffing it in her bra to row!! I guess it’s safe to say that some athletes are just more serious than others….or willing to do just about anything for some team points.

Top Contenders Week 2
  • Top 5 RX Women: Coach Liz, Coach Kelsey, Andrea H, Coach Maddie, Coach Jenna
  • Top 5 RX Men: Coach Gavin, Coach George, Coach Chris, Coach Romero, Jedd S
  • Top 5 SCALED Women: Hannah B, Becca H, Michaela A, Victoria C, Michelle H & Michelle K tied for 5th
  • Top 5 SCALED Men: Joey S, Shawn K, Bruce F, Troy C, Joe T
Honorable Mentions:
  • Zach F, an Open newbie, wowed us by nailing double unders for the first time ever, a feat as commendable as any prom king’s crowning.
  • Stephanie F‘s homemade corsages and boutonnieres added a touch of elegance, while Steph Miller‘s glittery boots sparkled brighter than a disco ball.
  • Kathy D ruled the rower with a tiara and scepter, embodying royalty at its finest.
  • Master of Ceremonies Jon Miller, in his tuxedo jacket and top hat, guided us through the night with the grace of a seasoned ballroom host.
  • The sight of Bruce F in his lemon yellow leisure suit was as delightful as it was dashing, proving that style knows no bounds.
  • Chris M and Jen T turned heads in their matching pink prom dresses, showcasing the power of teamwork and twin fashion.
  • Gym & Juice team members, adorned in sashes, paraded their team spirit with every rep and row.
  • And let’s not forget the dancefloor drama as Anthony, Charlotte, and Olivia twirled around Ang on the rower, bringing the prom spirit to every corner of the gym.

Special Events: The Paper Airplane Challenge

In a delightful twist, the gym hosted a paper airplane challenge, where brains met brawn in an aerodynamic showdown. Engineer Coach Gavin soared to victory, his design edging out Anthony’s in a flight of fancy that left everyone cheering.

It was a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of our community, proving that when it comes to the Open, it’s not just about muscle—it’s about heart and smarts too.

The Grand March: Team Standings

As the night progressed, the competition between our teams—Gym & Juice, Flex Appeal, and High Spirits—intensified, turning the leaderboard into a scoreboard of splendor and spirit. After two weeks of fierce competition, Gym & Juice took a narrow lead, with Flex Appeal and High Spirits trailing by a whisper. The race is tighter than a corsage on prom night, folks!

Overall Standings After Week 2

  • Gym & Juice: 543 Points
  • Flex Appeal: 540 Points
  • High Spirits: 539 Points

What’s Next? The Crystal Ball Says…

As we hang up our prom attire and look forward to Week 3, let’s remember the lessons of 24.2:

  • that fitness can be fun,
  • fashion is what you make of it, and
  • community is everything.

Here’s to another week of surprises, achievements, and, most importantly, laughter.

See you next week, RTC Fitness family, where the only thing we take seriously is our commitment to each other and our health. Until then, keep dancing through your workouts and living the dream!