Clocking Time With…Katelyn “Kp” Bardin

Get to Know Kp Bardin RTC September Member of the Month

What Kp Loves About RTC!

Kp hit her 2 year anniversary at RTC this past July, and in addition to loving the cleanliness and air conditioning, she loves the support she has received from the coaches and community during and after her pregnancy. She says her fitness goals “have drastically changed over the past 2 years,” and while she still enjoys heavy lifting and complex gymnastics moves like she used to, she is now focusing on being a “fit mom.”  She credits the RTC coaches for their “guidance and support” as she navigates this new season of her fitness journey.

Kp has much appreciation for the RTC community as she looks back on her pregnancy.  “So many members and coaches would check in and see how I was feeling while pregnant, after birth, and while I eased back into things (and still after a year postpartum!),“ she says.  “While pregnant, Coach George really helped me find modifications when I needed them. He, Allie, and other coaches would check in with me before, during, and after workouts to make sure I was comfortable and feeling ok. This was something I so appreciated every time! It was nice knowing they cared and sometimes I really needed those check ins! Even members I didn’t know well would check in with me. It was just really nice having people genuinely care about me!”

Kp says that “coming back from pregnancy has been more challenging” than she expected, but she’s thankful for a community that has been “so accommodating.” And while she admits that she was “a little nervous” about bringing baby Maya to the gym, Coach Allie was “all in” and even got the many gym mammas a pack ‘n play to use, which Kp says has been a “game changer.”  “This past year, I have loved that I didn’t have to miss out on workouts AND that I get to see Maya experience so many women (and men) prioritize their fitness. She also loves the attention everyone gives her!”

Get to Know Kp!

Kp earned her bachelor’s Intervention Specialist degree, reading endorsement, and her master’s degree in administration at Walsh University.  She currently teaches freshman and sophomore English at Hoover H.S.  She has been married to fellow RTC member Jimmy since Nov. 2020, and together they love on baby Maya, who is 14 months old.  Kp says Maya keeps them “busy and entertained!”  “ We are still trying to figure this whole parenting thing out while juggling working, working out, and everything else, but we are enjoying the ride,” she says.  “Maya is currently into EVERYTHING and specifically loves books, singing, and anyone who will hold her (which is everyone!).”

Fun Facts about Kp!

Favorite exercise: Handstand push-ups or box jumps

Least favorite exercise: Thrusters or anything that resembles them (front squat, wall balls, etc)

Favorite food: Mexican food…all of it!

Favorite movies: Ace Ventura, Billy Madison, and Gladiator

Best vacation spot: Anywhere with a beach

People would be surprised to know that: I have broken my nose 2 times.

Something that always makes me smile: Baby/toddler giggles and squeals

The best thing about being a mom is: Getting to experience life with a different lens, such as holidays and seeing our parents as grandparents

If I won the lottery I’d…donate a large portion to helping children with disabilities (specifically assistive technology and inclusive playgrounds) and breast cancer research. I’d save the rest.

A goal I’m working on is: Being proud of what my body can do now!

Congratulations to Kp Bardin, the RTC September Member of the Month!