Clocking Time With…Holly Thomas

Get to Know Holly Thomas, RTC February 2024 Member of the Month!

What Holly Loves About RTC!

February Member of the Month Holly Thomas has been doing CrossFit “for over a decade,” but after listening to fellow member Carrie C. “brag about her gym,” she paid RTC a visit. “Once I walked in the door, I finally understood!” says Holly. She is celebrating her 3 year anniversary this month, and says she loves the “wide variety of options” RTC provides. “Classes provide great coaching and structure,” she continues.  “Specialty courses allow you to focus on nutrition, Olympic lifts, open prep, and more.” Holly also appreciates the kids classes, 24/7 access, and of course, the RTC community. “We’ve all made so many friends here that go beyond the gym!” she says.

In addition to all the benefits that RTC offers, Holly credits her gym for helping her meet her fitness goals. “When new challenges or classes are offered, I most likely participate,” she says. It allows me to fully submerge myself into my goals, commit to the process, and build consistent habits.” While a healthy lifestyle is obviously a priority for Holly, she says that modeling this for daughter Quin is also important, and she and wife Jerrica make time in their busy schedules to include Quin in their gym plans. “It’s all about balance and communication,” she says. “Sundays typically involve looking at our calendars and planning and prioritizing the gym even with a busy schedule. That often means Quin is along for the ride to RTC. But she’s not just there, she’s a part of the community, too. Through kids class and camps, watching classes, and cheering during the open, she grew up in a gym. It’s second nature to her.”

Get to Know Holly!

Holly has her master’s degree in special education, and has worked for the Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities since 1996. Wife Jerrica moved in the night she and Holly met over 13 years ago, and they got married in a CrossFit gym in 2015. Their daughter Quin is, in Holly’s words, “simply the coolest!” The family enjoys camping all summer at Atwood Lake, participating in multiple musicals together, and “taking pride in our weird!”

Fun Facts about Holly!

Favorite exercises: Pull-ups, burpees, running, deadlift

Least favorite exercise: Wall balls

Favorite food: Diet coke and grape Uncrustables

Favorite movie: I can’t sit still long enough to watch one, but when I do it’s Grinch with Quin!

Best vacation spot: Lot 81, our new campsite at Atwood

People would be surprised to know that: I have auto capitalization turned off on my phone. I prefer all lower case letters.

Something that always makes me smile: Music!

If I won the lotto I’d: Buy more books

A goal I’m working on is: I will obtain my building principal license by May of 2024.

Congratulations to Holly Thomas, the RTC February Member of the Month!