Clocking Time With Hannah Bast…Member of the Month

Get to Know Hannah Bast, the RTC April Member of the Month

What Hannah Loves About RTC!

April Member of the Month Hannah Bast just celebrated her 2 year anniversary at RTC, and it was clear to see at this year’s Open that she has become a powerhouse on the gym floor! Watching her cycle her way through thrusters and burpees and muscle ups was truly a sight to behold. While she wasn’t new to CrossFit when she arrived in 2022, she had taken a break for a couple of years, and when her former gym closed, she decided to “give RTC a try.” Hannah has no regrets! “I love that everyone at RTC is so friendly and I love the community feel,” she says. “It feels like a second home.”

Hannah was a competitive gymnast for 13 years, and it’s the gymnastics element of CrossFit that she loves the most. “Gymnastics was never really a workout for me because I enjoyed the challenge of new tricks and mastering old tricks. CrossFit has made working out enjoyable for me, not only because there are still gymnastics skills, but also because there is never a limit to a skill, and there is always a way to make it hard, which is a challenge that I really enjoy!” Hannah also notes that RTC has helped her meet her fitness goals by having “a wide variety of workouts.” “This keeps me motivated,” she says, “and prevents working out from becoming boring.”

Get to Know Hannah!

Hannah graduated from Walsh University in 2020 with her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. She currently works in the radiology department at Aultman Hospital. She and her “wonderful” husband Kyle married in 2021, and they have two “spoiled rotten” fur babies, goldendoodles Lacey and Boone. Hannah loves outdoor activities and playing fetch with her dogs!

Fun Facts about Hannah!

Favorite exercises: Anything gymnastics related (no surprise there!)

Least favorite exercise: Thrusters

Favorite food: Lasagna

Favorite movie: Lone Survivor

Best vacation spot: A beach anywhere

People would be surprised to know that: I love to wake surf and wakeboard (although I am very amateur at both). 

Something that always makes me smile: Animals in general, but dogs especially

If I won the lotto I’d: Build my dream home out in the country on a lot of land and have a mini farm 

Spring is in the air, and I’m feeling…Ready for warmer weather so I can do more outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, boating, gardening, canning, and fishing

A goal I’m working on is: Focusing more on my nutrition

Congratulations to Hannah Bast, the RTC April Member of the Month!