24.3 Open Recap: The Electric Night of the Blackout Party

24.2 Open Recap at RTC Fitness
Friday Night Lights at RTC FITNESS for 24.3 of the CrossFit Open

RTC Fitness Week 3 Recap: A Grueling Gauntlet

As the sun set on the final week of the Intramural Open at RTC Fitness, the gym was plunged into darkness, not from a power outage, but from the electrifying energy of the Blackout Party for 24.3. Athletes adorned in their darkest gear gathered under the dim glow of the gym lights, ready to tackle a sinister twist on the CrossFit classic, Fran, with thrusters, pull-ups, and bar muscle-ups under a 15-minute cap. The air was thick with anticipation, excitement, and, let’s be honest, a fair bit of chalk dust.

In this shadowy showdown, athletes pushed their limits against the ticking clock, with thrusters and pull-ups testing their mettle before the daunting bar muscle-ups stood as the final guardian of their Open dreams. This wasn’t just a workout; it was a battle against gravity, a dance with determination, where every rep was a victory in the making.

Top Contenders Week 3
  • Top 5 RX Women: Coach Kelsey, Hannah B, Andrea H, Coach Jenny, Coach Maddie
  • Top 5 RX Men: Coach George, Coach Gavin, Jedd S, Dan W, Coach Chris
  • Top 5 SCALED Women: Kenzie S & Steph Marg tied for 1st, Nicole W, Michaela A, Megan G, Victoria C
  • Top 5 SCALED Men: Kevin K, Joey S, Shawn K, Robert G, Bruce F
Honorable Mentions:
  • The gym roared with support for Anthony, who was inches away from conquering his first bar muscle up. His effort and the community’s cheers encapsulated the true essence of the Open—striving, supporting, and celebrating every attempt, no matter the outcome.
  • Hillary brought an extra touch of mystery to the blackout theme with her flowy velvet cape, while Joey prowled the gym floor as her black cat, proving that creativity knows no bounds in workout wear.
  • Olivia fought til the final seconds to get a second bar muslce up, when one was her goal!
  • The reveal of the soon-to-be newest member of the RTC family came courtesy of Coach Gavin and Alex, the clock starter, Rundell, who chose 24.3 to share their joyful news via fun t-shirts, adding a heartwarming twist to the night.
  • And let’s not forget how Coach Jenna went from getting her first chest to bar a couple weeks before 24.3 to completing all 50 in the magic push that comes from the open!
  • Gym & Juice, consistent in their team spirit, donned black bandanas, embracing the blackout theme with a blend of fierceness and unity that set the night ablaze. While team members from High Expectations went as far as matching black nail polish.

As the night progressed, the competition between our teams—Gym & Juice, Flex Appeal, and High Spirits—intensified, turning the leaderboard into a scoreboard of splendor and spirit. After two weeks of fierce competition, Gym & Juice took a narrow lead, with Flex Appeal and High Spirits trailing by a whisper. The race is tighter than a corsage on prom night, folks!

Final Team Challenges: The Trilogy of Trials

As the heats of 24.3 cooled down, the gym’s atmosphere heated up with the introduction of three mystery team challenges, this week with a fun twist on fitness!

  • The Rig Challenge: Athletes swung from the rig like shadows in the night, but it was Coach Gavin and Coach George who stole the spotlight. In a display of raw power and agility, they traversed the 70-foot rig in a gripping spectacle. Coach Gavin clinched the win, though not without sacrificing a piece of himself to the gym gods, as evidenced by his battle-scarred hands.
  • The Plate Hold Challenge: Taylor S and Hillary B stood like statues, plates in hand, in a standoff that would make even Atlas nod in respect. Their endurance was a testament to the strength and spirit of the RTC community.
  • The Criss Cross Challenge: Then came the power duo, Kelsey and Jedd Schlicht, who weaved their way to victory in the crossover single last man standing event, proving that together, nothing is impossible.
Victory in the Shadows: The Final Team Standings and the Triumph of Team Flex Appeal

As the Blackout Party reached its zenith, the battle for the coveted RTC Open Cup was more intense than ever. Teams, fueled by weeks of sweat, strategy, and spirit, entered Week 3 with eyes on the prize and hearts full of fire. The leaderboard was a close-knit tapestry of points, with every rep, every cheer, and every moment potentially tipping the scales in this thrilling conclusion.

In a breathtaking display of athleticism and unity, Team Flex Appeal emerged from the shadows to clinch their first-ever RTC Open Cup victory. Under the steely guidance of Coach George, they managed to not only hold their lead from Week 2 but also ride that momentum all the way to the finish line. Their triumph was a testament to their dedication, resilience, and, indeed, their appeal as a force to be reckoned with in the RTC Fitness universe.

Hot on their heels, the defending champions, Team Gym & Juice, led by the indomitable Coach Jenny, secured a valiant second place. Their performance throughout the Open was nothing short of heroic, marked by fierce competition, unwavering support, and a team spirit that inspired all of RTC Fitness. Coach Jenny and her squad showed that while they may have handed over the crown, their fighting spirit and champion’s heart remain unbroken.

Not to be overlooked, Team High Expectations crossed the finish line in third place, achieving their BEST points finish ever. This year, they kept the race electrifyingly close to the end, proving that they are a powerhouse of potential and passion. Their remarkable finish underscored a bright future and promised that next year, the battle for the top spot would be fiercer than ever.

Reflections in the Dark: The Close of the Open

As we close the book on the 2024 Intramural Open, let’s not just celebrate the victories but also the journey. From the first burpee of Week 1 to the last muscle-up of the Blackout Party, this year’s Open was a rollercoaster of emotions, challenges, and triumphs that brought out the best in everyone involved.

To Team Flex Appeal, congratulations on your victory and for etching your name on the RTC Open Cup. To Team Gym & Juice and Team High Expectations, your performances were the stuff of legends, filled with moments that will be talked about for years to come.

And to every athlete, coach, and supporter who made the 2024 Intramural Open a beacon of camaraderie, competition, and celebration: thank you. Here’s to many more workouts, challenges, and blackout parties in our future.

Until next year, keep lifting, keep loving, and keep living the RTC Fitness way.