Clocking Time With…Greg O’Dell

Get to Know Greg O’Dell RTC August Member of the Month!

What Greg Loves About RTC!

Greg just celebrated his two year anniversary at RTC, having come looking for a more deliberate push after hitting a plateau at the gym doing what he calls “just bro lifting.” He found what he was looking for, and says the “high quality programming and coaching” have been “game changers” for him.  “RTC has helped me remain consistent and safe, and I stress less not having to think about what I want to work on each day,” he says.  Like most members, he also appreciates the community for their encouragement and support.  “The thing I love most is the community,” he says, and adds, “There’s people there I can admire in all aspects of life.  I’ve met some of my best friends and my girlfriend at RTC!”  Greg’s health and wellness are a huge priority for him.  “I just want to be capable of leading a life I love!” he says.  “I never want my physical ability to be the reason I’m unable to do something.”

Get to Know Greg!

Greg graduated from Canton McKinley H.S. in 2007, and spent some time on the Stark campus of Kent State.  He has been in the finance field for 8 years, and currently works as a loan officer for a local credit union.  He says that the best part of his job is being able to “help people that I know locally.”  Greg has 2 “amazing” daughters: Amira, age 13, and Esther, age 20 months, and his family also includes his parents and his older brother and sister.  Aside from CrossFit, he loves to practice yoga, “hit up the steps at the McKinley monument,” and play his “first love,” basketball.

Fun Facts about Greg!

Favorite exercise: Anything with a box jump!

Least favorite exercise: Snatches

Favorite food: Chimichangas or a T-bone steak

Favorite movie: The Dark Knight

Best vacation spot: Fripp Island Nature Reserve

People would be surprised to know that: I’m a first generation American!

Something that always makes me smile: Kids’ hugs

If I won the lottery I’d…buy me and my loved ones a large estate and start my own commune!

A goal I’m working on is: I want to increase my strength level and chase some high level gymnastics skills!

Congratulations to Greg O’Dell, the RTC August Member of the Month!