Clocking Time With…Thomas Carey & Shane Phillips

Get to Know Shane Phillips and Thomas Carey


 RTC November Members of the Month!

What “Shomas” loves about RTC!

Shane and Thomas joined RTC over a year ago at the recommendation of member Jess B.  Both were looking for “more challenging workouts,” but agree that RTC has been “a breath of fresh air” with much more than that to offer.  Both say that what sets RTC apart is a culture that is both inclusive and encouraging.  “It’s the culture of competitive, challenging workouts with people that we not only respect, but love to see outside of the gym walls,” says Shane. “The instant connection with so many people in one place is something that I’ve never experienced in a gym setting.”  Thomas adds, “I’ve discovered the best in people through an overwhelming sense of inclusion and community.  Everyone at RTC wants to help you level up and that’s something to be celebrated.” Aside from the benefits Shane and Thomas receive from this sense of community, both are also rocking their fitness goals.  Shane says, “In a year, I’ve progressed more than I ever thought I would and that’s a credit to the coaches.  I think RTC teaches you to listen to your own body and know when to push and when to modify.”  Thomas says, “If you’re serious about your health and fitness goals with a little peppering of intensity, it’s a great environment.  If you’re not serious about it, there’s space for that too.”  Overall, Shane and Thomas agree that “the workouts are great, but it’s the culture, coaches, and members” that keep them “coming back every day.”

Get to know “Shomas”!

Shane graduated with a doctorate from Northeast Ohio Medical University and works as a pharmacist at Aultman Hospital.  Thomas is an Operating Thetan Level 8 Scientologist who handcrafts dream catchers.  That is not true at all, as he actually works as a “corporate real estate guy.”  (If you work out withThomas, you know he has a unique sense of humor!) Thomas has a big family and says “they have taken Shane in as their own, and quite possibly like him more than me.”  Shane and Thomas live with their dog Ace, got engaged this past April, and are planning a summer 2024 wedding.

Fun Facts about “Shomas”!

Favorite Exercise: 

Shane: Any combination of running/cardio and weightlifting

Thomas: Row

Least Favorite Exercise:  

Shane: Burpees

Thomas: Front squat

Favorite Thanksgiving Food:  

Shane: “I’m a VERY picky eater, so Thanksgiving is wasted on me, but I love my mom’s lemon meringue pie!”

Thomas: Pumpkin pie with blueberries

Favorite Movie:  

Shane: The Family Stone

Thomas: Death Becomes Her

Best Vacation Spot:  

Shane: “Anywhere warm where we can relax, but still be active and get our workouts in.”

Thomas: “That’s going to depend on what type of vacation. I’ve got a taste for luxury and luxury has a taste for me.”

People Would be Surprised to Know That: 

Shane: “I was very shy as a child.  My, how that’s changed.”

Thomas: “I know ASL.”

Something that Always Makes Me Smile: 

Shane: Friday night at Luigi’s

Thomas: Compilation videos of people falling

A Goal I’m Working On Is: 

Shane: Gym related – Handstand walks, muscle-ups, and rope climbs 

  Non-gym related – Just being present in the moment 

Thomas: Forming two new habits

What I Like Most About My Partner Is: 

Shane: “His presence. Simply being able to look across any room and see his face instantly makes me at ease.”

Thomas: “He’s the exact same man whether he’s with you or not.”

Congratulations to Shane Phillips and Thomas Carey, 

the RTC November Members of the Month!