Clocking Time With…Tatum Slates

Get to Know Tatum Slates, RTC November Member of the Month!

What Tatum Loves About RTC!

Tatum Slates is the youngest member of our gym to be chosen as a Member of the Month! She has spent the past 2 ½ years at RTC building strength, endurance, and community relationships.  Tatum came to RTC at the urging of her dad, who works at Stark State, and recommended it as a great place to work out during the summer when she was not in the midst of swim season.  She’s a member of the Perry HS swim team, and says, “Being at RTC has made me a lot faster and has really helped with my endurance. Some of the exercises we do on the team are things we do here, so I have a little advantage!”  In addition to getting stronger and faster, Tatum says that what she loves most about the gym is the people.  “I love the togetherness of everyone here,” she says. “I find everybody to be very kind and uplifting!”

Get to Know Tatum!

Tatum is a junior at Perry HS, where she was just notified that she was chosen to be a member of the National Honor Society!  She is an artist who was named the October “Artist of the Month” at her school, and she also competed at the state level in art last year.  “I hope to do it again this year!” she says.  Tatum also loves to bake and “try her hand at cooking.”  She knows a “little bit of Japanese” from her class at school, and is teaching herself Swedish in her spare time.  She lives with her parents, her dog Sissy, and a hermit crab named Leonardo da Pinchy.  

Fun Facts about Tatum!

Favorite exercises: Yoga/stretching and deadlifts

Least favorite exercise: Anything with planks (the new swim coach ruined these for me!)

Favorite foods: Spicy ramen (or anything spicy) and pocky sticks

Favorite movies: The Greatest Showman and The Winter of ‘83

Best vacation spot: Ocean City, Maryland

People would be surprised to know that: I was adopted from Guatemala!  I came here when I was 9-10 months old.

Something that always makes me smile: Barns Courtney (he’s my favorite singer) and really bad dad jokes

What I like best about Thanksgiving: Food and making some treats for the fam

A goal I’m working on is: Just getting stronger so I can make it to Districts in swimming and to simply stay fit

Congratulations to Tatum Slates, the RTC November Member of the Month!