Clocking Time With…Josh Lyons

Get to Know Josh Lyons, RTC March 2024 Member of the Month!

What Josh Loves About RTC!

Josh Lyons came to RTC just a little over a year ago when his wife Ashley discovered it when searching for a new gym. “I was tired of my triathlon training and going to other gyms that were full of people with headphones on. There was no sense of community and I was looking for something different. Enter RTC!” This leads to what Josh loves most about our gym, which is the people, including the members and the coaches. “A very close second,” he says, “is that Allie keeps an EXCEPTIONALLY well equipped and maintained gym.”

Josh has made incredible strides in his fitness over the past year, and as he says, “the results are hard to ignore.” He credits the “knowledgeable” coaches that use their expertise to “help people focus on meeting their goals with tried and true techniques, from exercise to nutrition.” He adds: “If you can see results, it’s pretty easy to keep wanting to get results. I’ve seen the changes in the mirror, and I’ve felt the mental and physical benefits that my effort has yielded. That alone is a strong motivator. Knowing that there’s other people there striving to achieve goals and pushing you to achieve yours is another powerful motivator. You don’t want to let them down and they want to see you be successful! RTC has become part of my routine and my lifestyle. I’m constantly setting new goals. There’s always new targets, new movements to master, and old movements to PR. The possibilities are endless!”

Get to Know Josh!

Josh was born and raised in Springfield, OH. He went to college at Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, OH, where he played 3 years of varsity lacrosse. He majored in mathematics, and added an associates of Interior Design track his junior year so he could get into architecture school at Miami University of Ohio, where he earned his Masters of Architecture and met his future wife Ashley, whom he calls “the love of my life.” Josh and Ashley lived in West Virginia for 6 years before moving to Canton in late 2019, “just in time for a global pandemic to shut everything down.” Their 2 cats, Smokie and Izzy, kept them company during that time.

Fun Facts about Josh!

Favorite exercises: Snatch

Least favorite exercise: Wall balls

Favorite food: Chicken tenders

Favorite movie: A Christmas Carol: Muppets, Jim Carrey, Mickey Mouse, Guy Pierce… any version, doesn’t matter

Best vacation spot: Anywhere Ashley is. Glacier National Park has great hiking, great kayaking, and indescribable vastness that photos simply can’t justify

People would be surprised to know that: My friend and I have a podcast where we review (mostly) metal albums that are turning 20 years old. It’s called Two Decades Too Late and we’re everywhere you get your podcasts. Shameless plug for anyone who looooooooves to hear me talk. 

Something that always makes me smile: Getting someone to laugh at a dumb joke

If I won the lotto I’d: Do basically nothing different. I’d buy time, like paying someone to mow the grass or clean the house, but that’s about it. Oh, and buy a Corvette. And take care of my family. Now, THAT’s it. lol. 

A goal I’m working on is: Increasing my strength and muscle mass. I want to be able to do men’s RX workouts consistently. 

The CrossFit Open is here, and I’m feeling…Like NEXT year will be a good time to do it 🙂

Congratulations to Josh Lyons, the RTC March Member of the Month!