Clocking Time With…James Rutt

Mythological creatures abound in books, film, television, and games.  Think Cyclops with that one eye or Medusa with a head full of snakes. And while these legendary beings/animals don’t exist in real life, they are renowned for their supernatural abilities, strength, and elusive natures. RTC member James Rutt is somewhat of a mythical fellow.  He’s known for his feats of strength.  There’s a question as to whether he really exists, as only those who get up REALLY early can report having seen him.  As for supernatural abilities, there is evidence he’s a fan of Marvel superheroes and video games, so maybe there’s some hidden talents we don’t know about?  Mythical or not, James is very deserving of the title  August Member of the Month.

James is no stranger to a gym or to CrossFit.  “I’ve been training in some capacity since I was a freshman in high school,” he says.  “I took a few months off here and there when I was in college, but I’ve trained pretty consistently since then.  I started with sport specific training for football as a high school athlete, and moved to bodybuilding/powerlifting for a few years in college. I’ve been training using some form of Crossfit methodology since then.” James has degrees in Exercise Science with a specialization in Strength & Conditioning from the University of Akron, and previously owned a small gym in Sugarcreek.  “What I tried to create there, from an atmosphere perspective, is very similar to how I feel about RTC,” he says.  “There were competitive opportunities for those looking to scratch that itch, but I was happy to have everyone and anyone interested in finding better versions of themselves.”

James joined RTC in May of 2021, encouraged by work colleagues who are also members to “come check it out,” and he has happily settled into his early morning workout routine.  “I like the 5:30 a.m. class because I really enjoy the regulars there and obviously Coach George,” he says.  “We have a good time and it’s a competitive group that wants to work hard, and that’s what I like.  RTC makes it convenient to get in, get out, and get on with the rest of my day.”  Training with his work colleagues adds an extra element of fun that James says “is pretty entertaining most of the time.”  “Some work spills over into the gym and a lot of gym spills over into work,” he adds.  “It definitely builds camaraderie and makes for some good laughs and competitive opportunities.”

Like many other members, James finds much to love about the facilities, programming, and coaching at RTC.  “I love the well maintained training space and the access to so many different pieces of equipment and capabilities that a lot of other gyms don’t have the ability to offer,” he says.  “I like that the environment is competitive for those that want it and welcoming to those who just want to be active.”  James also appreciates the  “versatility and well roundedness” of CrossFit style training.  “Two different people with different goals can complete versions of the same base workout and leave feeling exactly the same,” he says.  “Both achieve their specific goals based on their needs and abilities, but still create camaraderie from the shared workout.”  James credits Coach George with helping him reach his fitness goals, which include maintaining his health and continuing to be as competitive as his training time allows.  “He has been a big player in keeping me motivated and challenged,” James says.

James, the son of Jeff and Nancy Rutt, has a younger sister, Emily, and a family Pitt named Jagger.  His girlfriend Trisha has 2 dogs named Stella and Luna.  He works as the Operations Manager for 365-Holdings, where he is responsible for all of the day to day order fulfillment, team management, and firefighting for 365-Fulfillment, a sub company of the business.  James describes himself as “hardworking, hard headed, detail oriented, and impatient.”  As noted earlier, he enjoys video games, Marvel movies, and also loves to “binge watch Letterkenny on repeat.”

Clearly James Rutt is not some mythical, far-fetched creature known only in tales of legend or folklore.  He’s a real dude who knows the value of hard work and who appreciates all that RTC has to offer him.  “Thank you to Allie for the amazing facility,” he says, “and thank you to George for being such a thorough and exceptional coach.”  And thanks to James, who is always ready to put in the hard work and be a team player, as evidenced by his words: “If you wanna go fast, go alone; if you wanna go far, go together.”   Congratulations on being named the August Member of the Month!