Clocking Time With…Mindy & Shawn Barth

Get to Know Mindy and Shawn Barth, RTC October Members of the Month!

What Mindy and Shawn Love About RTC!

Mindy and Shawn Barth are “one of a kind” kind of people who, together, make a “one of a kind” kind of couple.  They’re funny and authentic and wildly original.  Shawn came to RTC in June of 2021, and Mindy followed soon after. Mindy loves the “nonjudgmental environment” the gym provides, and says she is thankful that no one judged her abilities or fitness level when she started.  “RTC has helped me meet my fitness goals by putting the scale aside and focusing on building strength (and still losing weight)! I also climbed a mountain this year and ran two 5ks this month with the help of RTC!” Shawn, who says he was “severely overweight” due to the stresses of his then job, came to RTC with friend Greg O.  “The results started to show fast,” he says.  And, like Mindy, Shawn can’t say enough good things about the RTC community.  “The people are my favorite part of RTC.  I’ve made some incredibly valuable, enriching friendships since joining.”  Shawn also appreciates the help that fellow members have given him and Mindy in their new career ventures, as well as members and coaches (he shouts out friend Kevin I. for encouragement and Coach Romero for daily check ins) who support his fitness journey. “It’s the support, accountability, and personal attention we get from our coaches and friends that pushes us to be the best versions of ourselves.”

Get to Know Mindy and Shawn!

Mindy recently completed her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and works as a substance abuse counselor for an affiliate of the Cleveland Clinic.  She has also obtained her LLC, named Mindful Guidance Counseling and Consulting, and will be renting space with former member Dr. Katie G. to do part-time individual client counseling. Mindy plans to begin work on her PhD next summer. Shawn is studying sales and business management at Stark State, and plans to move on to The University of Akron to earn his bachelor’s degree.  He works at Caston and Main in Portage Lakes, and also bartends the last Saturday of every month at Yoga Bar & Cafe with RTC friends Jess B., Mira B., and Karli S. He.recently started his own business called “The Weeds Mobile Bartending Services,” and is currently booking 2024 dates. The Barth’s family includes daughter Avery (whom Shawn refers to as “the world’s tallest 9 year old” and his “very own stunt double”), dogs Oscar and Murray, and Mittens the cat.  Mindy has a collection of 10 guitars, and Shawn says that most people don’t know that she is an “incredibly talented musician” with the “singing voice of an angel.”  A little known fact about Shawn is that he has been training in some type of martial arts off and on since he was 8 years old, and is a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo.

Fun Facts about the Barths!

A. Favorite exercise: 

Mindy: Deadlifts and running

Shawn: Clean & jerk

B. Least favorite exercise:

Mindy: Snatches

Shawn: I cannot express my hatred for burpees enough.

C. Favorite food: 

Mindy: Spicy chicken or pickles

Shawn: Ribs

D. Favorite movie: 

Mindy: The Silence of the Lambs

Shawn: The Big Lebowski (or ask me about my long, nuanced opinions on Star Wars)

E. Best vacation spot: 

Mindy: Our vacations to Kentucky or Cincinnati

Shawn: Anywhere with amazing views for hiking

F. People would be surprised to know that…  

Mindy: I have a collection of guitars and music equipment

Shawn: I proposed to Mindy with a guitar (with a ring in the case).

G.Something that always makes me smile…  

Mindy: I think of funny stuff to make myself laugh all the time or just funny/ embarrassing things that have happened to me or hypothetical scenarios that I find funny 

Shawn: Kevin Irwin giving me compliments

H. Best date night plan…

Mindy: A date to Dave’s Hot Chicken in Lakewood

Shawn: Kevin Irwin giving me compliments

J. A goal I’m working on is…  

Mindy: Spending more time enjoying life, letting go of material items, enjoying experiences, and not sweating the small stuff 

Shawn: Getting more compliments from Kevin Irwin (by losing 5% more body fat), and making podium at a CrossFit competition with more than 3 teams in my division 

Congratulations to Mindy and Shawn Barth, the RTC October Members of the Month!