2024 CrossFit Open Makes an IMPACT!

Another year of Friday Night Lights has come and gone, and no one could argue that Teams Gym and Juice, High Expectations, and Flex Appeal (the victor!) brought the energy to both the themes and the workouts! This year’s Open Impact awards honor 4 FNL “newbies” who wasted no time making an impact on the RTC family, as well as 2 members of the RTC coaching staff who were nominated for the expertise and encouragement they provided to members along the way.

Congratulations to the 2024 Impact Award honorees:

Zach Farelli

Anyone who witnessed Zach’s performances in the open workouts did not leave disappointed. It was his first open, and not only did he push to the final second to finish 24.1, he also amazed the crowd in 24.2, doing ALL the dubs in the workout, having never done them before! Who does that?? Apparently, Zach does. One coach noted that Zach “showed amazing heart and grit this entire open,” and “not only did he complete the workouts, he did them all RX. He is what RTC is all about!” 

Stephanie Faykus

Another member who was experiencing the open for the first time was Stephanie, who one member noted “showed up with a smile.” Stephanie joined RTC within a month of the open, yet with the expert guidance of Coach George, she “gave it her all” and completed every workout. “She’s new to CrossFit,” says a coach, but she pushed “out of her comfort zone,” and was a “valuable asset to team Flex Appeal!” Stephanie really got into the spirit of the themes, too, and passed out homemade corsages and boutonnieres to members on 24.2’s “Prom Night!”

Thomas O’Neill

Underneath Thomas O’Neill’s quiet demeanor is the heart of a strong competitor. He is a consistent presence at the 5:45 class known for his impressive work ethic, and consistency was the name of the game during his first open. “He carefully planned and practiced strategies for each wod, and executed flawlessly,” said one coach. In addition, Thomas “showed up in true spirit every week, dressing for every theme.” His growth over the past 2 years has not gone unnoticed, and it was on display during FNL. Says a coach: “This was his first open and he CRUSHED IT!” Another says: “Holy cow, was it impressive!”

Natalie Prinkey

Natalie is not new to CrossFit, but this was her first open, made a little nerve wracking after being away from the gym for a bit due to injuries. She had her hesitations, and even considered not showing up, but show up she did, powering her way through all the workouts. Author Brene Brown says it best: “Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.” Natalie’s performance in FNL ‘24 is a testament to this message!

Coach Gavin Rundell

Coach Gavin, an integral part of the RTC coaching staff, was given multiple shout outs for the push and inspiration he offered to members. A member recalls Gavin coaching him through his first workout a year ago (highly scaled), and then reminding him to drink lots of water when it was over. Flash forward to this year’s open, “a full circle moment” when he says Gavin coached him through all the workouts (RX), and then reminded him to drink lots of water! “It was like deja vu,” he said, “but I was in a completely different place compared to a year ago, thanks to the impact of Coach Gavin.” Gavin and wife Alex also used FNL 24.3 to announce their pregnancy! 

Coach George Treadwell

Coach George is a coach to all, pushing both the inexperienced and the experienced to achieve their personal best. Multiple members were thankful for George’s encouragement and motivation. “George was the perfect judge!” says one member. “He counted my reps and kept me on task. His support was necessary and appreciated.” Another said that George was “an awesome judge” who was “very motivating.” And beyond judging during the open, George’s impact is best seen in this comment: “George is a beacon of safe energy. He pushes me when I need it in the workouts and understands my cautious antisocial tendencies and pushes me socially, as well!”

Congratulations to all of our honorees for the tremendous IMPACT they have made on the RTC community! Congratulations to all of our members who participated in the 2024 Open and gave every workout their best effort!  Congratulations to our athletes who moved on to the quarterfinals! 

 Here’s to the year ahead, as we all get faster and stronger and ready to crush the goals we have already set for Open 2025!