Weekly OPEN Recap – 22.1

Week 1 started off fun, with the with the second consecutive year to debut the wall climb as the first movement of the first open workout! Combined with dumbbell snatches and box jump overs, it was an inclusive opening week allowing many athletes to get their first ever run at an RX Open workout! 

Week 1 Top Performances
  • Top 3 RX Women: Andrea Harris, Alex Rundell, Dria Brown 
  • Top 3 RX Men: Coach George, Coach Gavin, Cory Gravesmill 
  • Top 3 SCALED Women: Jerrica Thomas, Lauren Ozanich, Michelle Hout
  • Top 3 SCALE Men: Dan McLaughlin, Alex Colston, Nick Margaritakis 
We saw some great showings on the leaderboard with some first timers and newbies making an appearance. 
  • Dan McLaughlin made his first showing on the scaled men’s leaderboard in his first EVER open experiences.
  • While Alex Rundell moved into the top 2 female RX scores after a killer improvement on her repeat effort!
  • Arguably one of the most impressive showings belongs to Kevin Irwin at 170 rep in the Men’s RX Masters (55+) division. 
  • Our two top scorers overall were held by Andrea Harris (aka DocDre) and Coach George, with scores of 275 and 327 respectively. Both performances place these guys inside the top 250 athletes in North America in their divisions after 22.1! Turns out if you go really fast on a daily basis, you get fitter.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Determined to tackle her first ever RX open WOD, Kathy Darmstadt bravely took on 22.1 despite battling a bruised and beaten body following a nasty slip on the ice Friday morning. 
  • Dan & Nicole Weiss dropped into a gym in Mexico mid-vaca to hit 22.1 and score valuable team points. Talk about dedication! 
  • Jet lag couldn’t stop Lauren Birmingham, who returned from a 2 week stay in Hawaii on Saturday and crushed 22.1 first thing Sunday! 

Other First Times & PRs

  • Hillary Buckler did her first full wall walk!
  • Lauren Ozanich did her first full wall walk!
  • Anthony Szczepaniak did his first RX Open WOD!
  • Chris Hout did his first RX Open WOD….all in one of the best beach bum outfits of the night!
  • Kathy Darmstadt did her first RX Masters Open WOD!
  • Kevin Irwin did his first RX Masters Open WOD!
  • Karli Scaffide did her first RX Open WOD!
  • Nicole Weiss did her first RXC Open WOD!
  • Ang Young is doing her first Open since 2016!

Spirit of the Open Mentions:

  • Charissa Vaughn came to FNL to support everyone even though she became unexpectedly sidelined by an ice slip at work that kept her from participating in the workout. 
  • Sara Dye came to FNL to cheer, judge and support EVERYONE even though she is on injured reserve while she rehabs her torn meniscus. 
  • Sarah Fister tried to do scaled wall walks last year, but had to bear crawl instead. This year she did the entire WOD with scaled wall walks!
  • The beach bum theme was a big hit among all the teams, but special shout outs go to Chris Hout, Monica McAtee, Jerrica Thomas, And Young, Joey Salser, Nate Jackson, Mindy Barth, Christine Ferrante, Alex Colston, Kevin Kidd, Hillary Buckler, Greg O’Dell, Tiffany Wade, Victoria Carafelli, and Scott Yana who ALL completed THE ENTIRE WOD IN FULL BEACH BUM FORCE!
  • Coach Jenny, Amber Osmar, Alex Rundell (THE clock starter), Steph Margaritakis, Mandi & Jeff Snyder, Kevin Irwin, Coach Chris, Michelle Parker, Lauren Ozanich, Josh Allatzas, Jenna Reynolds, Scott Yana, Lauren Birmingham, Ang Young, Nate Henderson, Cory Gravesmill, Kevin Jones, Kathy Darmstadt, Alex Colston, Kenzie Szczepaniak , Hillary Buckler, Stacie Smith, Chloe Smith, Monica & Mike McAtee, Sheila Farrance and Christine Ferrante all came in for Sunday Showdown and filled the gym with great energy!!!

Other Noteables:

  • Almost 100 RTC People Completed 22.1 between Friday and Monday. 
  • Redos saw improved scores.
  • We saw tons of smiles, high fives, a few falls & recoveries on the wall and boxes, and no visible tears, although I think we all silently cried at some point inside that 15 minutes. 


Week One Points 

  • Team Jenny aka GYM & JUICE:  100 pts 
  • Team Gavin aka CHALK DIRTY TO ME:  97 pts
  • Team Chris aka #DROPITLIKEASQUAT:  96pts
  • Team George aka BUNS & GUNS: 90 pts
  • Team GYM & JUICE took home the best dressed team award this week, giving them the slight edge over team CHALK DIRTY TO ME for week 1 points. Their showing of team spirit was strong, but their full shark attack coordinated costumes gave them the victory this week for best dressed team! Not only did 15 of 17 teammates participate in the BEACH BUM THEME, they took it a step further and made a team theme inside the theme! 
  • Meanwhile Team CHALK DIRTY TO ME ran away with the best team spirit award as they pulled out all the stops this week with 15 of 17 team members participating in FNL and cheering the entire night, including two injured teammates. They also had a strong showing of support at Sunday Showdown. And to top it all off, they brought the beach to snowy Ohio in February- well everything except the sun, sand, and ocean…but who’s keeping track?!? No doubt, they absolutely smoked week 1, but it begs to be asked: Can they sustain this level of effort for 2 more weeks? Or will they succumb to the pressure of the reigning champs target on their backs? 
  • Team  #DROPITLIKEASQUAT: comes up a little short this week, with a few teammates unable to make the FNL event for those valuable points. That didn’t slow down their efforts though— they put up a strong showing in the team theme category with 15 of 18 athletes adding credit to their team total! Plus 5 dedication points for having the most teammates who completed the ENTIRE workout in full costume! From the mumbling around the community, word on the street is that they are coming with a vengeance this week! Though, it was coming from 99% of their own team, so we will have to wait and see what their plan is for #BlackOut Friday. 
  • And let’s not forget Team BUNS & GUNS, who may not have taken home either of the big awards this week, but they stayed close with a consistent showing of participation and judging points over the entire weekend! Looks like the road to victory will be a close battle. What does their Team Captain have in store for week 2?….

(including pre-open points, but not including the Impact Award Nominations already submitted – keep doing these by the way!):

  1. CHALK DIRTY TO ME:  129 pts
  2. GYM & JUICE:  126 pts
  3. BUNS & GUNS:  110 pts
  4. #DROPITLIKEASQUAT:  109 pts

What to expect this week:

As with every open, to guess what’s coming next is like trying to predict the weather in our great State. However, we can almost guarantee that we will see a barbell. 

Be sure to tune into games.crossfit.com at 3PM or to Wodify at 8PM to see what’s in store for this upcoming Friday.  

And just for fun….I will make a predication: a repeat of 17.5 or 14.5….either way I see thrusters coming! 

….But I will likely be wrong. See you guys on Friday!